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46th CfIT Plenary Meeting - 16 November 2006


Peter Hendy (Chair)
Andrew Murray (DfT observer)
Rachel Ward (DfT observer)
Alan Nichols (Item 2 and 3)
Daniel Hulls (Item 2)
Alison Cairns (Item 5)
Tony Meehan (Item 5)

David Leeder (Vice-Chair), John Armitt, Harry Bush, Sir Trevor Chinn, Gerry Doherty, Garrett Emmerson, Paul Godier, Sir Mike Hodgkinson, Helen Holland, Michael Roberts, Archie Robertson (for Items 4 and 5 only), Neil Scales, Ros Scott, Andrew Sentance, Lynn Sloman, Richard Turner.

CfIT secretariat:
Brian Corbett, Chris Watts, Richard Mace, Grant Allan, Luke Blair.

Apologies for absence:
Apologies were received from Neil Betteridge.

1. Chair's Introduction

The Chair extended a welcome to Rachel Ward from the DfT Strategy Division.

Integration and Governance
The Integration and Governance report was being subjected to a phased release - the media had been briefed by Garrett Emmerson and the report was due to be published the following day. Media coverage so far had been positive. A further study into City Region Governance was being scoped by Garrett Emmerson and the Secretariat.

Evening Seminar
Commissioners had held an evening seminar with the Secretary of State the previous evening. He had been very supportive and looked forward to the publication of CfIT's future advice.

Motorists' Forum
The Chair informed members of the outcome of his recent meeting with Sir Trevor Chinn, Chair of the Motorists' Forum. A joint study into the climate change benefits of greater adherence to the speed limit had been discussed, and there was general agreement from the Commission to press ahead with this study, jointly with the Motorists' Forum.

Action: Secretariat to provide a brief for the study.

The issue of car clubs was also brought up at the meeting, and it was agreed that the MF would invite Philip Igoe from Carplus to their next plenary.

The Chair and Vice-Chair had also had a productive and interesting meeting with Kate Barker.

2. Pricing and Subsidy

Daniel Hulls from CEPA and Alan Nichols from Jacobs gave a presentation informing Commissioners of the main findings of the Pricing and Subsidy report. There followed a discussion on the contents of the report, including the potential conclusion relating to freight, and it was agreed that the report should be further developed and brought back to the next plenary. Particular attention was paid to the bus subsidy figures used in the report and treatment of externalities, and it was agreed that this further detail on these points should be circulated to Commissioners.

Action: Secretariat to circulate externalities and subsidy figures.

3. European Best Practice Phase 2

Andrew Sentance presented the main findings from the updated European Best Practice report, which now includes freight and aviation. The issue of population density was raised and it was agreed to incorporate this issue into the report if appropriate figures are available. It was also agreed that all findings relating to climate change would be squared with CfIT's climate change study.

Action: Secretariat to investigate population density impact on transport.

It was agreed to press on with publication once this issue had been addressed.

Action: Secretariat to discuss publication strategy with Media Adviser.

4. Climate Change

Michael Roberts gave a presentation detailing the findings of the interim report of the study. Michael explained that the report would be completed in March. Some of the aviation elasticity figures were discussed, and it was agreed that this issue would be discussed with Harry Bush.

Action: Secretariat to forward elasticity figures to Harry Bush.

There followed a discussion on a number of aspects of the report, and overall it was agreed that the general thrust of the report was meeting Commissioners' expectations.

5. World Review of Road Pricing Phase 2

Tony Meehan and Alison Cairns gave a presentation illustrating the main findings of the World Review of Road Pricing Phase 2 report. A discussion followed regarding the report's conclusions and how it might be presented to the media.

Action: Secretariat to discuss publication strategy with Media Adviser.

The possibility of extending the study to include the current TIF schemes was discussed, but it was agreed to publish the report as presented to plenary, with a separate study being considered at a later date, to take in the TIF experiment.

Date of Next Meeting

The next plenary meeting would be held at 9:30am at Ashdown House on Thursday 25 January.

CfIT Secretariat
November 2006