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45th CfIT Plenary Meeting - 21 September 2006


1. Chair's Introduction

2. Women's Transportation Seminar

3. City Region Governance and Transport

4. Car Clubs and Car Sharing

5. The Role of the Taxi in Transport Inclusion


Peter Hendy (Chair)
Andrew Murray (DfT observer)
Lucy Ahad (DfT observer)
Valerie Todd (Item 2)
Philip Igoe (Item 4)

David Leeder (Vice-Chair), Gerry Doherty, Garrett Emmerson, Paul Godier, Helen Holland, Ros Scott, Lynn Sloman, Richard Turner.

CfIT secretariat:
Brian Corbett, Chris Watts, Richard Mace, Catherine de Marco, Grant Allan, Katie Allister.

Apologies for absence:
Apologies were received from John Armitt, Neil Betteridge, Harry Bush, Sir Trevor Chinn, Sir Mike Hodgkinson, Michael Roberts, Archie Robertson, Neil Scales and Andrew Sentance.

1. Chair's Introduction

The Chair extended a welcome to Lucy Ahad from the DfT Strategy Division.

The Chair informed Commissioners that he and David Leeder had met Douglas Alexander. The Secretary of State was very interested in CfIT's current work programme, and looked forward to receiving CfIT's completed advice. He showed considerable interest in the work on climate change and pricing and subsidy.

The Chair had also met Richard Lambert, Director-General of the CBI. The discussion had taken in the possible effects of road user charging on business. This may result in a joint CBI-CfIT project to investigate these issues next year, making use of analysis already available from TIF bids.

Action: Secretariat to discuss issues with Michael Roberts.

The Chair and Vice Chair were scheduled to meet with Kate Barker on 18 October in order to discuss the potential impacts of the Barker Review conclusions on national transport policy.

2. Women's Transportation Seminar

Valerie Todd, President of WTS London, gave a presentation on the work of the Women's Transportation Seminar and the issues surrounding representation of women within the transport sector. Research undertaken by DfEE in 2001 stated that transport is the sixth largest employment sector, yet women make up only 9% of the workforce. Women use transport differently to men, and greater female influence at policy level is required to reflect the travel needs of both men and women.

Valerie requested that CfIT give thought to the differential impacts of transport measures on women when commissioning research and collecting data. She also suggested that investigating the possible effects of road user charging on women might be a useful part of the CfIT work programme.

3. City Region Governance and Transport

The Integration and Governance paper was almost complete and ready for publication. There was likely to be considerable interest in the report in local and regional government. It was decided to publish the report through the specialist transport and local government press, and to seek interest from potentially receptive parts of the national media.

It was agreed that Garrett Emmerson would also lead the Commission's project on City Region Governance which would build on the evidence base established during the Integration and Governance project. Neil Scales would also be invited to contribute to the study.

4. Car Clubs and Car Sharing

Philip Igoe, Co-Director of CarPlus, gave a presentation on the work of CarPlus and its bid to establish a national network of car clubs. There was interest amongst Commissioners for the concept of a national network and discussion as to its feasibility, and it was agreed that CfIT would assess the CarPlus business case.

Action: Secretariat to circulate CarPlus business case to Commissioners.

5. The Role of the Taxi in Transport Inclusion

The Secretariat was in the process of scoping a project on whether an enhanced role for taxis would improve transport services for socially excluded groups. It was agreed that this piece of research should commence in November, and that Commissioners should be asked whether they would be interested in being part of the working group for the project. It was also agreed that Peter Blake of South Gloucestershire Council should be approached, and that WTS London should be asked to advise on any gender issues with the project.

Action: Secretariat to seek involvement from Commissioners for working group. Secretariat to contact Valerie Todd and Peter Blake to assist the project.

Date of Next Meeting

The next plenary meeting would be held at 9:30am at Ashdown House on Thursday 16 November.

CfIT Secretariat
September 2006