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41st CfIT Plenary Meeting - 19 January 2006


1. Road Pricing - presentation by Stephen Glaister

2. Chair's Introduction

10.30 - coffee

3. CfIT Media Strategy - discussion with CfIT Media Adviser

4. Integration and Governance Project - progress report

12.15 - lunch

The following papers are for information only:

5. Minutes of the last meeting

6. CfIT intranet site for members

7. Work programme update

8. Correspondence report

9. Calendar of events

10. CfIT website

11. Programme expenditure


Peter Hendy (Chair)
Sir Trevor Chinn
Andrew Murray (DfT observer)

David Leeder (Vice-Chair), Neil Betteridge, Harry Bush, Gerry Doherty, Garrett Emmerson, Paul Godier, Sir Michael Hodgkinson, Helen Holland, Michael Roberts, Archie Robertson, Neil Scales, Andrew Sentance, Lynn Sloman, Richard Turner.

CfIT secretariat:
Catherine De Marco, Katie Allister, Grant Allan, Richard Mace, Brian Corbett.

Apologies for absence:
Apologies were received from Ros Scott, John Armitt and Ben Still.

Welcome to new members:
The Chair extended a warm welcome to the new Commission members - Lynn Sloman, Andrew Sentance, Gerry Doherty, Paul Godier - who were appointed from 1 January.

1. Road Pricing

1.1 Presentation by Stephen Glaister
Stephen Glaister gave a presentation on the possible effects of road user charging, modelling the effects of using a revenue additional scheme and a revenue neutral scheme. His research also examined the distributional impact of road user charging in various area types. It was thought that it might be possible to use this analysis as part of the Pricing and Investment project.

2. Chair's Introduction

2.1 Ben Still
The Chair informed Commission members that Ben Still, the CfIT secretary, was to leave the post to join the Traffic Management division at the Department for Transport, and shall be replaced shortly. The Chair thanked Ben for all of his hard work as CfIT secretary, and wished him all the best for the future.

2.2 March Plenary
The Chair informed Commission members that there would be a presentation by Dunnhumby, a marketing analysis firm, who would provide an insight into marketing techniques and quality issues. Commissioners were also due to meet Bernadette Kelly, Transport Advisor at No.10, the preceding evening.

2.3 Edinburgh Plenary in May
The Secretariat would send a draft agenda to Commission members shortly for their views. Commission members were requested to provide feedback on the draft agenda.

Action: Secretariat to send May draft agenda to Commission members.

2.4 Future Work Programme
The Chair invited members to give their views on any possible projects for the 2006/07 work programme.

2.5 Training for NDPB Board Members
The Cabinet Office provides courses for NDPB board members providing essential knowledge on the role of NDPBs and how they interface with Central Government. The Chair suggested that the Secretariat should send the details to all members and that the members should decide whether they wish to partake.

Action: Secretariat to send details of training course to members.

3. CfIT Media Strategy

3.1 Future Role of CfIT
Luke Blair gave a short presentation. There was discussion as to the new direction that CfIT should be taking, and it was decided that a mission statement should be agreed first which sets out the future aims and objectives of CfIT.

Action: David Leeder and Luke Blair to draft CfIT mission statement for decision at the next plenary.

4. Integration and Governance Project

4.1 Work Programme Update
Garrett Emmerson gave a presentation on progress to date.

4.2 Members' Views
The Commission members were on the whole content with the direction in which the work was heading. As this is potentially a vast topic area, members agreed that the lines of enquiry would need to focus carefully in order for the project to be manageable. Members recognised that any recommendations would have to be well justified and supported by robust research.

Date of Next Meeting

The next plenary meeting would be held at 9:30am on Thursday 23 March.

CfIT Secretariat
January 2006