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50th CfIT Plenary Meeting - 19 July 2007


1. Chair's Introduction

2. Climate Change - CfIT (07) 27


3. Improving Street Design - presentation and discussion by Spencer Palmer from DfT

4. Draft Response to Planning White Paper - CfIT (07) 28

5. Responses to Draft Local Transport Bill and Putting Passengers First Consultation - CfIT (07) 29

6. John Armitt


The following papers are for information only:

7. Minutes of the Last Meeting - CfIT (07) 30

8. Dates for 2008 Plenaries - CfIT (07) 31

9. Work Programme Update - CfIT (07) 32

10. Media Report - CfIT (07) 33

11. Calendar of Events - CfIT (07) 34

12. CfIT Website - CfIT (07) 35

13. Expenditure - CfIT (07) 36



Peter Hendy (Chair)
David Leeder (Vice-Chair), John Armitt, Neil Betteridge, Harry Bush, Gerry Doherty, Garrett Emmerson, Paul Godier, Helen Holland, Michael Roberts, Archie Robertson, Neil Scales, Lynn Sloman.

Jillian Anable (Item 2), Abigail Bristow (Item 2), Spencer Palmer (Item 3), Jonathan Simmons (Item 5), Andrew Scott (Item 5), Rebecca Hayes (Item 5).

CfIT secretariat:
Chris Watts, Neil Williams, Grant Allan, Richard Mace, Brian Corbett, Luke Blair (Media Advisor), Lara Alden (Media Advisor assistant).

Apologies for absence:
Apologies were received from Andrew Sentance and Sir Trevor Chinn.

1. Chair's Introduction

Evening Seminar
The Chair recapped the seminar discussion of the previous evening with Dr Mike Mitchell, Director General of Rail and National Networks. It was agreed to publish a statement in support of the HLOS report, which was due to be released the following week.

Action: Luke Blair to issue press release upon publication of HLOS.

Communications strategy
Luke Blair advised that he would shortly be updating the Communications strategy which he produced at the beginning of 2006. Luke also intended to ask a cross-section of the media about CfIT's profile and whether it had altered in the past 18 months.

DfT Ministerial Team
Peter Hendy drew the new DfT Ministerial team to Commissioners' attention and informed them that he was meeting with the Secretary of State the following week. Whilst this was primarily on TfL matters, he intended to raise CfIT and the Climate Change report with her.

Joint CfIT Study with CBI
Chris Watts told the board that the specification for this study was currently being drafted by the CBI, with Michael Roberts involved, given that he had a dual interest.

CfIT Personnel Developments
The Chair informed the board of a number of developments in personnel: Neil Williams had been appointed as Research Manager, Grant Allan and Luke Blair had been reappointed to their consultancy roles, and interviews were due to take place shortly to appoint three new Commissioners to the board, following the end of Sir Mike Hodgkinson's and Baroness Ros Scott's appointments (and one outstanding vacancy from the previous round of appointments). The Chair stated that the impressive list of applicants emphasised the esteem that CfIT is held in within the transport industry. The Chair also congratulated Richard Turner on his OBE and Garrett Emmerson on his appointment as Director at Steer Davies Gleave. A press notice to this effect had also been placed on the CfIT website. In order to allow for Garrett's continued and valued involvement with CfIT, some constraints on his involvement in the selection of consultancies and academics had been agreed with the Secretary of State. The published press notice contained details.

2. Climate Change

Michael Roberts presented the final draft of the Climate Change report, noting there remained certain sections of the report which required further work. A discussion followed amongst the Commission regarding certain key issues raised in the report's recommendations, including road user charging, speed management, aviation and fuel price. It was agreed that these sections would be revised by the Working Group in line with Commissioner comments. Luke Blair suggested plans for the launch of the report, which is expected in the Autumn.

Action: Working Group to revise recommendations and re-circulate to Commissioners for approval.

Action: More detail on commissioned research (e.g. public attitudes and freight) to be built into the final report.

Action: Aviation Elasticities research to be included as an Annex.

Action: Working Group to include Harry Bush / Andrew Sentance in aviation re-drafting.

3. Improving Street Design

Spencer Palmer, Head of Traffic Management Engineering at the DfT, gave a presentation detailing the key aspects of the Manual for Streets document which the DfT have recently published. The Chair stated that this document was relevant to CfIT's proposed work on Streetscapes. It was agreed that the DfT document viewed street design from an engineering perspective and that CfIT's focus should be from the perspective of the street user. Neil Scales agreed to chair this workstream.

4. CfIT Response to Planning White Paper

Chris Watts introduced a paper by Dr Iain Docherty on the Planning White Paper, identifying themes that CfIT might develop in its response to the White Paper consultation and areas which might usefully be the subject of further research. Commissioners discussed the Docherty paper. It was agreed to contact Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire County Councils about the impacts of regional-level settlement patterns regarding the planning and design of new communities. It was also agreed to consider undertaking some short-term research with a view to informing decisions on patterns and design for new growth, in light of their transport implications. CfIT would look to the Transport Research Centre to carry out primary research over the longer-term.

Action: Secretariat to contact Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire CCs regarding the planning and design of new communities.

Action: Secretariat to co-ordinate a CfIT response to the Planning White Paper (by 17 August).

Action: Secretariat to develop short-term research ideas during August.

5. Buses - Putting Passengers First Consultation

Jonathan Simmons, Andrew Scott and Rebecca Hayes from LEK presented the final draft of their analysis examining reform options for public subsidy in the bus industry. This advice would form part of CfIT's response to the Putting Passengers First consultation. The LEK analysis recommends an Incentive Per Passenger replacing the fuel-based Bus Service Operators Grant. This was approved by the board - with certain caveats regarding the proposed differential IPP rate in urban areas. It was agreed that members would send through any comments they may have on the final report to the Secretariat. The Secretariat would then prepare a cover letter, and seek to arrange a meeting with DfT to discuss the findings of the analysis. A copy of the cover letter, along with the final LEK report, would be circulated to Commissioners for input prior to submission to DfT.

Action: Members to submit comments to the Secretariat by 27th July.

6. John Armitt

The Chair thanked John Armitt for his contribution to CfIT over the previous 5 years, as well as the role he played in the improvement of the railways, and wished him every success in running the Olympic Delivery Authority.

Date of Next Meeting

The next plenary meeting would be held at 9:30am in London on Thursday 20 September, followed by a visit to observe the Fastrack Rapid Bus Transit scheme in Kent Thameside.

CfIT Secretariat
August 2007