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60th CfIT Plenary Meeting - Thursday 19 March 2009



Peter Hendy (Chair)
Lynn Sloman (Vice-Chair), David Leeder (Vice-Chair), Helen Holland, Paul Godier, Roger Jones, Carolyn Dwyer, Andrew Sentance, Gerry Doherty, Garrett Emmerson, Corinne Swain, Richard Turner, Neil Betteridge, Philip Davis, Harry Bush, Paul Plummer, Graham Dalton, Christopher Macgowan (MF).

Other attendees:
Prof Austin Smyth (University of Westminster), Paul Emmerson (TRL), David Lunn (DfT), Mark Ledbury (DfT).

CfIT secretariat:
Matt Coleman - Secretary, Neil Williams - Deputy Secretary, Grant Allan - Project Manager, Ian Griffiths - Office Manager, David Prescott (Secretary, Motorists' Forum), Luke Blair (Media Advisor), Lara Thornton (Media Advisor).

Apologies for absence:
Apologies were received from Shona Johnstone, Neil Bentley and Michael Roberts.

1. Chair's Introduction

New Member
The Chair welcomed new Commissioner, Paul Plummer (Network Rail).

Incentive per Passenger Project
The Chair informed Commissioners of publication arrangements and thanked David Leeder for chairing the Working Group.

Rural Transport Project: Post-publication Strategy
Lynn Sloman informed Commissioners of a possible rural visit in June, looking at the concept of Taxi-Plus, which would be undertaken jointly with the Commission for Rural Communities.

CABE - Sustainable Cities Conference/Land-Use & Transport Planning Project
Corrine Swain appraised commissioners on the launch of the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment's 'sustainable cities in a changing climate' web-based resource. It was agreed to provide Commissioners with a link to the website.

Action: Secretariat to circulate CABE web-link to Commissioners.

Corrine updated Commissioners in respect of progress on the 'Land-Use and Transport Planning' project, focussing on themes and headline messages. In the absence of a formal Plenary in May, it was agreed that a cover paper and draft Summary Guide would be circulated for discussion in the margins of the May visit to Dublin.

Action: Secretariat to circulate papers to Commissioners visiting Dublin.

2. Making Better Use of the Road Network (MBURN) - Phase 1

Commissioners were appraised of progress via a presentation by the Strategic Advisors overseeing Phase 1 of the MBURN work. Comments and suggestions were exchanged and Commissioners were invited to provide any further detailed comments by e-mail.

Commissioners approved continuation to the next phase.

Action: Secretariat to facilitate and collate Commissioner responses for consideration by the Working Group.

3. Work Programme

The Chair drew attention to the Work Programme paper which provided a synthesis of Commissioner opinion from the January Plenary alongside views expressed at the February Strategy Dinner. Budget and resource constraints inevitably limited the scope for undertaking new projects, and so Commissioners discussed the key priorities.

Commissioners agreed to produce a series of desk-top think-pieces examining transport challenges over the past 10 years, and looking forward. Commissioners agreed on the inclusion in the Work Programme of a project investigating medium-length (5-25 miles) trip patterns, as well as a study looking at the transport needs of an ageing population (this project would be undertaken when resources permit - likely during autumn). Commissioners would be invited to sit on Working Groups in due course.

It was also suggested that CfIT might consider pursuing a project addressing rail vs air substitution. However, its relevance to CfIT would need to be considered in the context of work already being undertaken by the company set up by DfT - High Speed 2 - to look at the options for a high speed railway line from London to the West Midlands. Options would be considered alongside prioritisation and resource.

4. Urban Transport Project

David Lunn (DfT's advisor to the PM Strategy Unit's joint project with DfT on Urban Transport) and Mark Ledbury (DfT) gave a presentation to Commissioners setting out the context for the study - 'How can transport make urban areas more successful?' Commissioners noted overlaps with CfIT's current study on spatial planning and other proposed projects. In the discussion that followed, the Chair agreed that CfIT should be represented on the project's 'Experts Panel'.

Action: Secretariat to approach Commissioners seeking a candidate to represent CfIT on the Panel.

Date of Next Meeting

Commissioners would next convene in Plenary session during the visit to Dublin on 13/14 May.

The next formal Plenary would be held on Thursday 16 July in London.