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34th CfIT Plenary Meeting - 18 November 2004


1. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising

2. Work Programme Update

Coffee - 10:45

3. Discussion with Richard Brunstrom (Chairman, ACPO Road Policing Committee and Chief Constable, North Wales Police)

4. Discussion with Simon Webb (Director General, Strategy and Security Group, DfT)

5. Presentation from Prof. Alan McKinnon on 44 Tonne Lorries

6.CfIT media coverage - Update from Martin Helm

The following papers will be taken as read:

7. CfIT website

8. Programme expenditure

12:30 - Lunch



Professor David Begg (Chair), David Leeder (Vice-Chair).

Garrett Emmerson, Stewart Francis, Peter Hendy, Sir Michael Hodgkinson, Stephen Joseph, Mike Parker, Michael Roberts, Archie Robertson, Neil Scales, Ros Scott, Richard Turner.

Richard Brunstrom (Item 3), Simon Webb (Item 4), Prof. Alan McKinnon (Item 5).

Sir Trevor Chinn (MF Observer), Paul Collins (DfT Observer).

CfIT secretariat:
Andy Braithwaite, Catherine De Marco, Katie Allister, Grant Allan, Martin Davies, Martin Helm (CfIT Media Adviser).

Apologies for absence:
Apologies were received from John Armitt, Neil Betteridge, Helen Holland, Sir Roy McNulty, and Sir Bill Morris.

1. Minutes and Matters Arising

1.1 The Commission was informed of Secretary Andy Braithwaite's upcoming secondment to BAA and thanked him for his contribution to CfIT's work.

1.2 The Chair informed the Commission that he met with the Secretary of State recently and discussed CfIT's Competition Commission work, the Buses and the Economy study, as well as the proposed conference.

1.3 The Chair noted that he has been asked to appear in front of the Scottish Parliament's Local Government and Transport Committee to give evidence on the Transport (Scotland) Bill.

The Commission noted that John Armitt of Network Rail, has now been appointed as a Member of CfIT, replacing Richard Bowker.

2. Work Programme Update

2.1 Members were asked to give their comments on the work programme paper produced by the secretariat.

Action: CfIT Members to seek new ideas through the contact programme for the 2005/2006 work programme feed ideas to the secretariat.

Action: Catherine De Marco to forward a copy of the Affordable Mass Transit Specification to Sir Michael Hodgkinson.

Action: CfIT Members to feed in ideas for the Chair's Conference.

2.2 Review of Transport Appraisal
The paper was discussed and approved subject to minor amendment to reflect Member comments.
Paper: Review of Transport Appraisal

2.3 Competition Within the Passenger Transport Sector
Members discussed the paper and the relationship between the Competition Commission remit and the Transport Innovation Fund. The paper was approved.

2.4 Retail and Leisure Parking - Phase 1 Technical Report
The technical report was noted by the Plenary. The Secretariat up-dated Members on progress (consultation was underway with a deadline of 10 December for submissions). Members agreed that submissions should be considered in the international context and in respect of the links to land-use planning.

2.5 Local Authority Expenditure
The paper was discussed and remitted to the Working Group for amendment to reflect Member comments.

Action: Secretariat to reconvene the Working Group, including Ros Scott.

3. CfIT Media Coverage

3.1 Martin Helm updated Commissioners on the recent media activity by CfIT. It was noted that after the Ufton Nervet tragedy, the Guardian featured a piece by the Chair. The balanced reaction of the media was noted, with emphasis on comparisons between road and rail safety. CfIT's advice on competition issues was also given prominence in the media. The issue of adopting double summertime was discussed and there was some discussion regarding the contribution of speed to road safety issues. It was noted that the CfIT road safety website should be available in the New Year.
Paper: CfIT Media Activity September/October 2004

Action: Secretariat to produce a media strategy paper for the January 2005 plenary. Chair to consider how to proceed with the case for the adoption of CET.

4. Discussion with Richard Brunstrom

4.1 Richard Brunstrom, Chair of ACPO Road Policing Committee and Chief Constable of North Wales Police, gave a presentation on a wide range of road safety issues, identifying three key areas for accident reduction as seatbelts, speeding and drink and drug driving. He also spoke about uninsured drivers, covert vs. overt safety cameras and the link between speeding and other criminality.

Action: Richard Brunstrom to send results and supporting evidence of "Operation V79" to secretariat for distribution to members.

5. Discussion with Simon Webb

5.1 Simon Webb, Director General, Delivery and Security Group in DfT, gave a short talk on his view of the role of CfIT going forward. He spoke of his belief in the importance of long-term objectives and finding a balance between analysis and strategy. He suggested that the issues of climate change and risks and shocks to the transport network could be possible areas for the Commission to investigate in the upcoming work programme.

6. Presentation by Prof. Alan McKinnon

6.1 Prof. McKinnon, Director of the Logistics Research Centre at Heriot-Watt University, gave a presentation on the evaluation of increasing the maximum lorry weight to 44 tonnes.

Action: Secretariat to distribute a copy of the presentation to all members.

7. Additional Papers

The following papers were noted and approved:

Date of Next Meeting

The next plenary meeting would be held at 9:30am on Thursday 20 January.

CfIT Secretariat
November 2004