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47th CfIT Plenary Meeting - 25 January 2007


1. Chair's introduction

2. Work Programme update - CfIT (07) 01

3. Eddington Study discussion
Presentation and discussion led by Oliver Jones and Caroline Wood

4. Pricing and Subsidy update
Discussion led by David Leeder - CfIT (07) 02

Coffee - 11.15am

5. Cycling England
Presentation by Philip Darnton

6. City Region Governance
Discussion led by Garrett Emmerson - CfIT (07) 03

7. Climate Change Public Attitudes Survey
Presentation by MORI - CfIT (07) 04


The following papers are for information only:

8. Minutes of the last meeting - CfIT (07) 05

9. Media Report - CfIT (07) 06

10. Calendar of events - CfIT (07) 07

11. Expenditure - CfIT (07) 08



Peter Hendy (Chair)
David Leeder (Vice-Chair), Neil Betteridge, Sir Trevor Chinn, Gerry Doherty, Garrett Emmerson, Sir Mike Hodgkinson, Helen Holland, Michael Roberts, Archie Robertson, Neil Scales, Ros Scott, Andrew Sentance, Lynn Sloman, Richard Turner.

Philip Graham (DfT observer), Caroline Wood (DfT Eddington team), Oliver Jones (DfT Eddington team), Phillip Darnton (Cycling England), Bruce Macdonald (SQW), Jane Breeze (MORI), Carole Lehman (MORI)

CfIT secretariat:
Brian Corbett, Chris Watts, Richard Mace, Grant Allan, Catherine De Marco, Luke Blair (Media Advisor).

Apologies for absence:
Apologies were received from John Armitt, Harry Bush and Paul Godier.

1. Chair's introduction

Plenary Programme
Nick MacPherson, Permanent Secretary at the Treasury, had been invited to the March evening seminar. Andrew Davies, Minister for Enterprise, Innovation and Networks at the Welsh Assembly, had been invited to the May evening seminar, and Dr Mike Mitchell has been invited to the evening seminar in July. This would coincide with John Armitt's last plenary before his retirement. It was agreed to invite members of Cardiff City Council to the plenary in May as well as Welsh Assembly members.

Action: Secretariat to invite senior members and officers of Cardiff City Council to May plenary

The progress report of the Fastrack Bus Rapid Transit system in Kent's Thameside area was circulated to Commissioners. It was agreed that Commissioners would visit the scheme and view its success for themselves. A visit after the plenary in July was suggested.

Action: Secretariat to arrange visit to Fastrack BRT for Commissioners

2. Work Programme update

Chris Watts, CfIT Secretary, gave a progress report to members on the current position of each project, as well as the planned projects due to commence shortly. Members were asked to give some thought to any issues they believe would be worthwhile for CfIT to consider for the 07/08 research programme. These would be discussed at the March plenary. It was agreed that a more detailed position paper would be prepared for the March plenary.

Action: Secretariat to prepare position paper for March plenary

3. Eddington Study discussion

Oliver Jones and Caroline Wood from the Eddington Study team presented the main findings of the study to the Commissioners. Eddington has said that there is little need for completely new transport links but improving the network capacity and it's performance are the key strategic issues to help reduce congestion and improve the reliability of journey times.

Commissioners discussed the policy implications arising from the study. It was agreed that the issue of land use planning, and how it would be affected by road pricing, was of vital importance. The publication of the DCLG Planning White Paper would inform CfIT's future thinking on this issue.

The Chair reported that Simon Webb of DfT had suggested that CfIT might like to consider the issue of option generation and scheme selection in the light of Eddington.

Action: Commissioners to consider future projects in respect of the Eddington report

4. Pricing and Subsidy update

Commissioners discussed the draft cover paper for the Pricing and Subsidy project and a number of changes to the paper were suggested.

Action: Secretariat to implement agreed changes to the cover paper

Action: Secretariat to discuss issue of 'induced traffic' with consultants

The publication of the report was discussed and the running of a seminar with Whitehall stakeholders was proposed prior to publication.

Action: Secretariat to arrange seminar with stakeholders

5. Cycling England

Phillip Darnton from Cycling England gave a presentation to Commissioners highlighting their work examining the economic benefits of cycling. This sought to appraise the costs and benefits of investing in cycling, using standard appraisal methodology, in terms of congestion, the environment and health (the value of loss of life, savings to the NHS and increased productivity). He also explained that Cycling England are currently focusing on 2 major issues - the development of cycling among children (including a new national standardised test which will enable children to ride safely on the road) and the implementation of 6 cycling demonstration towns. Garrett Emmerson, Head of Transportation for Bucks County Council, informed Commissioners that there had been an increase in cycling by 50% in the first year of the demonstration project in Aylesbury.

6. City Region Governance

The board discussed the forthcoming report into the governance of city regions, and it was agreed that Garrett Emmerson, chair of the working group, should have further discussions with Helen Holland and Ros Scott to assist the finalisation of the report.

Action: Garrett to meet with Helen and Ros to discuss the report and then to publish

7. Climate Change Public Attitudes Survey

Carole Lehman from MORI presented the interim findings of the public attitudes survey for the Climate Change report. It was noted that a deliberative workshop was due to be held in the following days to further gauge the public's perception of aviation, as well as to liaise with interested parties in the debate, both environmentalists and the pro-aviation lobby.

Date of Next Meeting

The next plenary meeting would be held at 9:30am at Ashdown House on Thursday 15 March.

CfIT Secretariat
February 2007