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48th CfIT Plenary Meeting - 15 March 2007


1. Chair's Introduction

2. Road Pricing Discussion

3. Climate Change - CfIT (07) 09


4. Cost Escalation - CfIT (07) 10

5. Work Programme - CfIT (07) 11


The following papers are for information only:

6. European Best Practice Final Report - CfIT (07) 12

7. Minutes of the Last Meeting - CfIT (07) 13

8. Work Programme Update - CfIT (07) 14

9. Media Report - CfIT (07) 15

10. Calendar of Events - CfIT (07) 16

11. Expenditure - CfIT (07) 17

12. Pricing and Subsidy Final Cover Paper - CfIT (07) 18



Peter Hendy (Chair)
David Leeder (Vice-Chair), John Armitt, Harry Bush, Gerry Doherty, Garrett Emmerson, Helen Holland, Michael Roberts, Archie Robertson, Ros Scott, Lynn Sloman, Richard Turner.

Caroline Wood (DfT observer), Yas Beebeejaun (Observer), Jillian Anable (Item 3), Abigail Bristow (Item 3), Chris Cheek (TAS- Item 4), Andy Foster (TAS - Item 4).

CfIT secretariat:
Chris Watts, Catherine De Marco, Richard Mace, Brian Corbett, Luke Blair (Media Advisor).

Apologies for absence:
Apologies were received from Neil Betteridge, Paul Godier, Sir Mike Hodgkinson, Neil Scales and Andrew Sentance.

1. Chair's introduction

A Welcome to Yas Beebeejaun
The Chair welcomed Yas Beebeejaun to the plenary. Yas was shadowing Helen Holland as part of a scheme in Bristol designed to give selected individuals an insight into representational roles and public life.

New DfT Structure
DfT had adopted a new organisational structure in the light of the Eddington study and other business priorities. CfIT will now form part of a new Board Support Division in the Directorate of Planning and Performance.

Evening Seminar
David Leeder provided an update on the evening seminar to those who were unable to attend previous night. Members agreed that Paul Johnson from the Treasury had initiated a useful and thought-provoking discussion on transport's place in national priorities after the Eddington, Stern and Barker reports.

Bernadette Kelly
The Chair met with Bernadette Kelly, Director of Planning Reform at the Cabinet Office, on 28th February. Bernadette is responsible for implementing the Barker Review recommendations. A White Paper on planning was imminent and members agreed to put off any work on planning policy, beyond the think piece commissioned from Prof. Peter Mackie, until after the White Paper is published.

Pricing and Subsidy Report
David Leeder advised that he had met with Robert Devereux and Simon Webb to discuss the draft report, and it had been agreed that it required some more work before publication. A number of offshoot studies from the report were also suggested.

Action: Secretariat to clarify paragraph on modal shift in report.

City Region Governance Report
Luke Blair advised Commissioners of the publication strategy for releasing the City Region Governance report, scheduled for publication at the end of March.

Action: Secretariat to take account of Lyons report in study.

2. Road Pricing Discussion

The Chair introduced a discussion about the recent negative coverage generated by the road pricing petition. Members felt there was currently a lack of trust between the public and policy-makers. More work was required to inform the public of the benefits of road pricing. Members agreed that the MF could provide helpful input to the debate in its forthcoming work on the "Contract with the Motorist".

Action: Secretariat to arrange meeting between Peter and Sir Trevor.

The Chair suggested that a meeting with Treasury Ministers might be beneficial to discuss the possible changes to taxation should road pricing be introduced.

Action: Secretariat to arrange for Chair to meet Treasury Ministers.

It was agreed that the link needs to be made between road pricing and congestion, and that the problems associated with congestion, and lack of alternative solutions, should be emphasised to the public. It was agreed that a short summary of CfIT's view on road pricing would be compiled and made available via the website.

Action: Secretariat to compile summary of CfIT's view on road pricing.

It was also agreed that an updated media strategy for dealing with the public regarding road pricing should be circulated to members.

Action: Luke to develop media strategy on road pricing.

3. Climate Change Report

Michael Roberts introduced the Climate Change favoured scenarios paper and asked members for their views. The majority of members agreed that the benefits of speed adherence, and reinforcing benefits of fuel prices, should be included within the final package of proposed measures. There was agreement that the working group should not get too hung-up on the straight-line trajectory to the 60% 2050 target and the sectoral contributions to reductions, as the science seemed to be moving towards an even more stringent target. It was also felt that this was a highly technical, academic point which would not be uppermost in the minds of the general public.

Action: Speed adherence and fuel prices to be included in report.

However, questions were raised about the proportion of emissions reduction expected of the freight sector compared with cars. There should also be a compensatory measure for the freight sector on fuel price, given the issues of international competition.

Action: Richard Turner to assess implications for freight.

Helen Holland brought members attention to a newspaper article which highlighted the high carbon emissions of shipping. She mentioned a Bristol Ports report into shipping which might be of interest to members.

Action: Helen Holland to circulate copies of Bristol Ports report.

4. Cost Escalation Report

Chris Cheek from TAS presented the final draft of the Cost Escalation report to members. There followed a discussion on the study and it was agreed to circulate the figures to other organisations (TfL, First Group, Network Rail and the Freight Transport Association) to ensure that the figures are accurate.

Action: Secretariat to circulate figures to relevant bodies for inspection.

5. Work Programme Discussion

A discussion was held regarding issues to be considered for the 2007/08 work programme. It was agreed that a study into rail investment would be considered, as well as an investigation into the transport needs of the ageing population, focussing on those who are no longer able to drive (with the possibility of a separate project focussing on the increased levels of tourism of those who have retired from work).

Action: Secretariat to scope studies on rail investment and ageing population.

Date of Next Meeting

The next plenary meeting would be held at 9:30am in Cardiff on Thursday 17th May.

CfIT Secretariat
March 2007