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63rd CfIT Plenary Meeting - Thursday 17 September 2009



Lynn Sloman (Vice-Chair)
Cllr Helen Holland, Paul Godier, Roger Jones, Carolyn Dwyer, Andrew Sentance, Garrett Emmerson, Corinne Swain, Richard Turner, Harry Bush, Philip Davis, Cllr Shona Johnstone, Michael Roberts.

Other attendees:
Michael Browne, University of Westminster (agenda item 2).

CfIT secretariat:
Matt Coleman - Secretary, Neil Williams - Deputy Secretary, Grant Allan, Ian Griffiths, David Prescott (agenda item 2), Luke Blair (agenda item 2).

Apologies for absence:
Peter Hendy (Chair), David Leeder (Vice-Chair), Neil Scales, Gerry Doherty, Graham Dalton, Paul Plummer, Dai Powell and Christopher Macgowan (Motorists' Forum Observer).

1. Chair's Introduction

Lynn Sloman (Vice-Chair) took the Chair in the Chair's absence.

Quantifying the Impact of Land-use on Carbon Emissions
The Secretary updated Commissioners on progress with this project - short-term research aimed at quantifying potential carbon savings from good examples of land-use planning. The Secretary explained that DfT had agreed to jointly fund the work. The Secretariat had now appointed a consultant to take the project forward.

Rural Taxis Project Update
Lynn Sloman updated Commissioners on post-publication activities. The Working Group recently sought the views of a number of local authorities on CfIT's demonstration pilot proposal. Commissioners were also updated on the joint CfIT/Commission for Rural Communities roundtable discussion with Sadiq Khan (Minister of State for Transport).

Planning for Sustainable Travel
Corinne Swain apprised Commissioners on the impending publication and dissemination of the web-based and revised hard-copy guidance. Following discussion Commissioners offered suggestions for further developing the dissemination strategy. There was Commissioner agreement to pursue: sending flyers to local authority Councillors via local authority print media and on (post-launch) inter-departmental Ministerial dialogue.

Medium-length Trip Patterns
Garrett Emmerson updated Commissioners on the project to report on policies and interventions aimed at reducing carbon emissions and congestion arising from medium-length trip patterns (5-25 miles). Commissioners were informed of the unsuccessful initial tender exercise conducted in July/August. The Secretariat will shortly re-tender via the Consultancy Framework.

Transport Challenges and Opportunities: Getting More for Less
Paul Godier outlined current progress with this research project and also sought Commissioner view's on a proposed stakeholder engagement. Commissioners agreed the Working Group should seek the views of key stakeholders.

2. Light Commercial Vehicles (Vans) - Phase 1

Commissioners received an overview from Richard Turner of the Light Commercial Vehicles (Vans) project, aiming to assess drivers behind current growth, future growth and associated impacts/implications and possible mitigation approaches. Strategic Adviser, Professor Michael Browne (University of Westminster) gave a presentation to Commissioners on the stage 1 work. Commissioners approved the stage 1 report and agreed with Working Group proposals for a separate stage 2, precipitated by the large volume of positive stage 1 stakeholder responses.

Date of Next Meeting

CfIT's next Plenary meeting would be held on Thursday 19 November 2009 at 9.30am at 55 Victoria Street, London.