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54th CfIT Plenary Meeting - 19 March 2008


1. Chair's Introduction

2. Better Use of The Road Network - CfIT (08) 10


3. Project Update

4. Making The Right Travel Choice - CfIT (08) 11


The following papers are for information only:

5. Minutes of the Last Meeting - CfIT (08) 12

6. Work Programme Update - CfIT (08) 13

7. Media Report - CfIT (08) 14

8. Calendar of Events - CfIT (08) 15

9. CfIT Website - CfIT (08) 16

10. Expenditure - CfIT (08) 17



Peter Hendy (Chair)
Lynn Sloman (Vice-Chair), Neil Betteridge, Carolyn Dwyer, Garrett Emmerson, Paul Godier, Michael Roberts, Andrew Sentance, Corinne Swain, Richard Turner.

Sir Trevor Chinn (Motorists' Forum Chair).

Other attendees:
Christopher Macgowan, Motorists' Forum member.

CfIT secretariat:
Matt Coleman, Neil Williams, Grant Allan, Brian Corbett, Luke Blair (Media Advisor).

Apologies for absence:
Apologies were received from David Leeder, Harry Bush, Iain Coucher, Phil Davis, Gerry Doherty, Helen Holland and Archie Robertson.

1. Chair's Introduction

Archie Robertson and Michael Roberts
Archie Robertson was stepping down in May 2008 as Chief Executive of the Highways Agency. As an ex-officio member of the Board, Archie's replacement would join CfIT. Michael Roberts was leaving the CBI and taking over as Chief Executive of the Association of Train Operating Companies. The Chair thanked Michael for the excellent contribution he had made to the Commission. The membership changes resulting from this were discussed.

Evening Seminar
Lynn Sloman updated Commissioners on the previous evening's seminar with senior officials from Communities and Local Government, and the Department for Transport (DfT). Specific issues raised at the seminar included the Community Infrastructure Levy and National Policy Statements. Lynn explained that the discussion was extremely useful and would provide a valuable insight for CfIT's work on the inter-relationship between travel demand and land-use.

Action: CfIT to offer to contribute ideas to assist DfT with the drafting of National Policy Statements, specifically relating to national networks.

2. Making Better Use of the Road Network

Christopher Macgowan, Vice-Chair of the Motorists' Forum, introduced a draft scoping paper for the proposed project on Making Better Use of the Road Network. Commissioners discussed the scope of the project and agreed that a working group should be formed to provide a steer to the work.

Action: Secretariat to arrange a meeting between the project joint-chairs to determine working group composition.

3. Programme Update

Matt Coleman provided the Commission with an update on each project within the CfIT research programme. Matt appraised Commissioners of the proposed budget spend for the forthcoming financial year, utilising a Gantt chart of proposed completion dates for each project.

Commissioners felt that CfIT could be used more prominently as a sounding board to DfT on issues of mutual interest, and suggested extending the practice of collaborative working with other organisations. The implications of the budget cut and Secretariat headcount loss on the forthcoming work programme were also discussed

Action: Secretariat to update the Gantt chart to distinguish between work actually being progressed, and spend.

Action: Secretariat to produce a paper on joint-working protocols.

4. Making the Right Travel Choice

Lynn Sloman introduced a project outline paper on the proposed 'Making the Right Travel Choice' project. The scope for this project arose from discussion with the Secretary of State for Transport (SofS) in November 2007. The following points were raised on the paper - namely, that:

It was agreed to trawl through previous and ongoing projects to identify research findings relevant to this study which could usefully be included.

Action: Secretariat to trawl previous and ongoing projects for relevant pieces of research, and draft a separate 'think-piece'. Commissioners would then consider the next steps.