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57th CfIT Plenary Meeting - 18 September 2008


1. Chair's Introduction

2. A New Approach to Rural Public Transport - CfIT (08) 35

3. NATA Audit - CfIT (08) 36

4. Presentation on Electric Cars

5. Notes of July Plenary - CfIT (08) 37

6. Work Programme Update - CfIT (08) 38

The following papers are for information only:

7. Media Report - CfIT (08) 39

8. Calendar of Events - CfIT (08) 40

9. Expenditure - CfIT (08) 41



Peter Hendy (Chair)
Lynn Sloman (Vice-Chair), Graham Dalton, Andrew Sentance, Gerry Doherty, Garrett Emmerson, Corinne Swain, Richard Turner, Carolyn Dwyer.

Christopher Macgowan (Motorists' Forum Vice-Chair).

Other attendees:
Professor Austin Smyth (University of Westminster), David Prescott (Secretary - Motorists' Forum).

CfIT secretariat:
Matt Coleman, Neil Williams, Grant Allan, Ian Griffiths, Luke Blair (Media Advisor).

Apologies for absence:
Apologies were received from David Leeder, Harry Bush, Neil Betteridge, Iain Coucher, Philip Davis and Paul Godier.

1. Chair's Introduction

Welcome to Graham Dalton
The Chair welcomed Graham Dalton who has succeeded Archie Robertson as the Highways Agency representative at Plenary.

Commissioner Achievement
The Chair congratulated Corrine Swain, who has been made a Fellow at Ove Arup and Partners - the first from a planning discipline and the first woman.

Proposed Changes to Town Centre Guidance
Communities and Local Government (CLG) proposed changes to the Town Centre Guidance were discussed and it was agreed the Chair would write to CLG highlighting the potential trip making implications of the proposed changes.

Action: Letter to be drafted for Chair.

Current and Forward Work Programmes
It was agreed to take this as a separate agenda item at the November Plenary to facilitate a fuller discussion of the programme.

Climate Change Workshop
The Chair was pleased with Commissioner response, at short notice, regarding attendance at the forthcoming Climate Change Workshop.

2. A New Approach to Rural Public Transport

Commissioners were appraised on the draft Cover Paper prepared by the Working Group before discussing presentational issues and the key recommendations. Approval was given to publish the final advice, subject to the suggested amendments.

Action: Cover paper to include amendments as suggested by the Commissioners, prior to publishing.

3. NATA Audit

Commissioners were appraised of the findings of the audit and synthesis of responses to DfT's NATA Refresh consultation. A useful and constructive discussion then followed, concerning the comprehensiveness of the responses, the longer term implications of NATA, and the issue of carbon reduction weightings, and key messages it was felt should be drawn out in the report. It was agreed to revise the report to take on board the points raised in the discussion.

Action: Make revisions to the NATA Audit report (Report to be finalised by e-mail).

4. Presentation on Electric Cars

Commissioners were shown a presentation on Electric Cars by the Department for Transport (DfT) setting out their latest thinking on electric cars, covering the potential benefits and the risks that lay ahead in developing this form of technology. Commissioners then discussed the issues raised in the presentation with DfT.

Date of Next Meeting

The next Plenary meeting would be held on Thursday 20 November, at 9.30am in London.