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The Commission for Integrated Transport (CfIT) was abolished on 14 October 2010, this website will no longer be updated as of 22 December 2010.

The Commission for Integrated Transport (CfIT) - an advisory non-departmental public body that provides independent advice to the Government on transport policy - was asked to set up a group in September 1999 to advise on policy proposals affecting motorists. CfIT subsequently agreed to form the Motorists' Forum. The Forum was launched formally on 31 January 2000.

The Forum seeks to improve understanding between the Government and motoring interests and car users. It ensures that motoring interests and car users' views are reflected fully in the development of both Government and local authority policies affecting motorists. The Forum also acts as a channel for early communication with Government on its emerging proposals affecting motorists.

The Forum takes its work forward recognising that the car will continue to be the first choice of transport for many people for their employment, leisure and social activities. But it also recognises that unless the car is used responsibly, traffic congestion will take away the very convenience motorists so value in using their cars and will damage the environment.