Energy NPS

Owston Ferry Old Material


The Alternative Sites Study identifies the site at Owston Ferry as “worthy of further consideration” by the Government. There is no credible nuclear power operator (CNPO) letter of support for the site at Owston Ferry, and the Alternative Sites Study has noted that, in their discussions with energy companies about river-based sites, some ruled out their development completely and even the most positive regarded them as a low priority.


Having given Owston Ferry further consideration the Government has come to the view that Owston Ferry is not credible for deployment by the end of 2025. The preliminary conclusion reached by Government is therefore that Owston Ferry is not potentially suitable and should not be included in the Nuclear NPS. This takes into account in particular that lack of precedent in the UK for a river based site would make Owston Ferry more complex to construct and licence; that transport of components reduces the likelihood that this site could be deployed by 2025; and also the potential risk of periodic shutdowns due to drought which could be exacerbated by the potential effects of climate change and the challenges this might pose. In addition, it is noted that no work has commenced to progress this site.

Even though the site is not credible for deployment by the end of 2025, the Government has considered this site against the SSA criteria to ensure that it has been assessed in line with the nominated sites, albeit without the information provided by a nomination or the comments from the public which were provided on nominated sites. Preliminary conclusions have been reached against the criteria.

The assessment against the SSA criteria has shown that the site passes the SSA criteria, although there would be particular concerns around cooling and the impacts that this might have on a river environment, and whether the effects of climate change might make these issues worse. Notwithstanding the assessment against the criteria, the issues with deployability are such that the site is not potentially suitable.

Whilst the site may meet the SSA criteria, because it is not credible for deployment by the end of 2025 it has not been included in the draft Nuclear NPS.