Energy NPS

Timeline of development of draft Energy NPSs


Date Stage
November 2009 – February 2010
Consultation on the draft energy NPSs and accompanying documents (these documents can be found elsewhere on this site).
November 2009 Parliamentary scrutiny of the NPSs commenced. This included scrutiny by the Energy and Climate Change (EC) Select Committee in the House of Commons and the Grand Committee in the House of Lords. A report by the EC Select Committee was published in March 2010, and the Government’s response to Parliamentary scrutiny has been published.
February 2009 – October 2010
Analysis of consultation responses and preparation of revised NPS material. The Government Response to consultation has been published.
October 2010 – January 2011 Consultation on the revised draft NPSs and accompanying documents.
October 2010 Documents laid before Parliament for any further scrutiny
January 2011 Analysis of consultation responses, preparation of final NPSs
Spring 2011 NPSs put before Parliament for ratification