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Insight East is the name of the new economic intelligence centre for the East of England. Powered by EEDA, Insight East has been developed to help decision makers better understand the economy.

The Insight East Annual Review 2009 is now available.

It will help provide answers to questions such as how the economy is changing, how it’s performing and where growth may come from and when.

The service analyses economic data to provide clear and succinct reports on the key trends and issues facing the East of England. Where data are not available, Insight East will consider options for providing it.

About the service

Insight East provides a range of services to help the region’s decision-makers better understand the economy and factors affecting it. These include:

  • quarterly economic briefings on the state of the regional economy
  • special research reports on specific factors affecting the economy
  • an Instant Atlas interactive map monitoring progress against the Regional Economic Strategy indicators
  • a fully searchable online resource of all Insight East materials, together with access to a wealth of materials from other organisations
  • regular electronic briefings – keeping you up to date on latest Insight East news and reports available on the website - to subscribe register here.

In addition, the Insight East team is happy to welcome requests for presentations and advice on research projects taking place within the region. Contact us via the contact form on the contact us page

About the team

Behind Insight East is a small group of research professionals, all focused on providing economic intelligence to aid better informed decision-making in the East of England.

Glenn Athey

Glenn Athey

Glenn is the director of Insight East and leads on developing and delivering the Insight East service and work programme. He specialises in providing policy relevant economic research for decision makers and is an experienced writer and presenter.

Glenn has 15 years of experience as an economist and strategist in economic development and regeneration. He has worked for the London Development Agency and Scottish Enterprise. Prior to working at Insight East, he was the head of research and senior economist at the think tank the Centre for Cities.

Glenn has a PhD in economic development from the University of Glasgow.

Steve Denman

Steve Denman

Steve is Insight East’s mapping expert. His primary role is to manage the Insight East’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS), providing mapping and spatial analysis to support research. He also manages this website and provides economic based analysis of sustainability.

Before joining Insight East, Steve worked for several local authorities in GIS and spatial data management roles.

Steve studied environmental economics and environmental management at the University of York.

Andrew Jamieson

Andrew Jamieson

Andrew is Insight East’s senior analyst. A key part of his role is to write the quarterly economic briefing, which gives regular updates on how the regional economy is performing. He is also responsible for managing the East of England Forecasting Model, the outputs of which are provided on the website twice a year.

He has previously worked for the Government Office for the East of England in planning and housing, as well as for the corporate strategy team at Harlow District Council. Most recently he spent time teaching English abroad.

Andrew studied economics and geography at the Universities of Hull and Maryland.

Tessa Lambri

Tessa Lambri

Tessa is Insight East’s Analyst. She works across the service to provide strategic research and economic analysis on the regional economy. A key part of Tessa’s role is to write thematic briefings and produce the local economic profiles. Before joining Insight East, Tessa worked for the police as an Intelligence Analyst. Tessa was also seconded to the Home Office to carry out strategic analysis on the investigative outcomes of a national police operation and the effectiveness of partner agency working.

Tessa has a Masters in European Criminology from Middlesex University, London.

If you have a query please contact us via the contact form on the contact us page.

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