The Rural Big Society

posted by CRC | 2 February 2011 at 3:25 pm | 2 comments | from the category: News

Rural signpost and postboxThe Big Society approach is already alive and well in many of our rural villages and market towns. But there’s a lot more that could be done to help.

The CRC and Respublica have worked together to develop the briefing paper released today. ‘The Rural Big Society‘, based on engagement with a broad cross section of rural interest groups, looks at the value of the Big Society approach to rural communities. It makes a series of recommendations for action, including that:

  • The Church of England, whose assets of property and land sit at the heart of many rural communities, should work with government to see how these assets can better be used to support the rural Big Society
  • Local parish and town councils should capture revenue from the New Homes Bonus
  • Government should champion the role and potential of the Village Agents approach to support, advice and social capital-building, already successfully used in Gloucestershire
  • Proposed local GP consortia should make annual reports to the villages and towns they serve, perhaps via the local parish or town council.

Crispin Moor on behalf of the Commission for Rural Communities said “We think the Big Society approach should not just work for deprived communities. It should work for all communities wherever they are. And our villages and market towns are amongst the best placed areas to take the Big Society approach to the next level”.

Download ‘The Rural Big Society’

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2 Responses so far.

  1. cyberdoyle says:

    I think this is the best publication you have done.
    All things point to making it possible for rural communities to help themselves to build a sustainable future.
    Especially with Point 8 in the pdf ;)
    well done.

  2. Faith in Affordable housing says:

    We totally agree that churches “should work with government to see how these assets can better be used to support the rural Big Society”

    Our spontaneous partnership has already published online resources – “Faith in Affordable Housing’ – using churches’ land & buildings for rural (& urban) affordable housing”

    We also now have a housing enabler working with congregations & communities to help make use of this “massively under-utilised resource” (report p.6) = (funded by the Tudor Trust & employed via Housing Justice)

    James Derounian