Report of the Rural Champions Project

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Two people having a discussion in front of a computerThe Final Report of the Rural Champions Project and related appendices have now been published.  This work was the result of a project commissioned by Defra and managed by the CRC to advise those government organisations who agreed to participate on the incorporation of rural within policy cycles.

Some of the messages from this Rural Champions project are also reflected in the analysis and recommendations within the OECD’s recent report on rural policy in England and together these two reports will be an important input to Defra’s new statement on policy in rural England expected later in the spring.

We wish to thank Rural Innovation, consultants to the project and the staff who worked closely with Rob and his team for their time and enthusiasm for this project.

Download ‘Rural Champions – Supporting Rural Fairness within Government’

Download ‘A Guide to using the ONS Rural Urban Definition’

Download ‘Reaching the Rural Constituency’

Download ‘Rural Proofing Policy & Programme Development’

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