CRC 29 – Rural Disadvantage: Priorities for action

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CRC 29 – Rural Disadvantage: Priorities for action

When the Commission was launched in March 2005, we announced that we would undertake a major baseline study on rural disadvantage.

The study has reviewed the evidence on what rural disadvantage is, why it occurs, what the policy responses have been and whether they work.

A key output from our review is ‘Rural Disadvantage: Priorities for Action’ which sets out a clear strategy for tackling the issues identified in our evidence review. We aim to use this as the basis for productive discussions with policy makers and organisations who can make a difference. It will also help shape the Commission’s own future work programme.

It sets out priorities for action on 4 levels:

  • People: to help individuals overcome their financial, access and network poverty by, for example, ensuring people take-up the benefits they are entitled to, and retaining local meeting and service places.
  • Places: to improve local opportunities by improving the availability of quality employment, affordable housing and transport.
  • Perceptions: to change attitudes and culture that lead to rural disadvantage being hidden, including raising awareness about the disadvantage that exists so that local actions help rather than hide the problem. Our film and attitudinal research show the differences in the way people experience or respond to disadvantage in rural areas.
  • Processes: to ensure policy is designed and implemented in a way that meets rural needs – this means better targeting of action and better resourcing to ensure equity for all, wherever they live.
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