English National Parks and The Broads, Vision for National Parks

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English National Parks and The Broads, Vision for National Parks

We have responded to the consultation on the English National Parks and The Broads, Vision for National Parks.

Our response re-states the value of National Parks in offering high quality environments,  much loved and much desired places to live, work and recreate. Our National Parks also have the economic diversity and potential, social and community strength in depth, and the fundamental `green infrastructure` of food, water and energy supplies.  Many rural businesses demonstrate a strong spirit of entrepreneurship, risk taking, innovation hard work and strong community support.  England’s rural communities are leading the way in utilising new technologies and a booming home-working culture is developing.

However, our national parks also face significant challenges, in part arising from these very successes. Rural areas are growing faster in their resident population than their urban counterparts and average population growth as a whole.  Our analysis shows that between 2006 and 2031 demand for new housing as a result of projected household change will grow at a greater rate in rural districts than in urban districts. Urban districts will grow by 27% over that period whilst rural districts will grow by 35%. To accommodate new growth in our National Parks, rural town and village communities should be at the heart of delivering more sustainable places to live and work in.

Crucially, we agree that the National Parks primary role is to conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and our cultural heritage. But, we see that growth, if well managed, will foster more viable local services, more affordable and well designed housing, and appropriate economic development. We must encourage and empower strong local leadership to create better opportunities for the people who live and work in our rural communities to find quality work, have access to affordable well designed homes and build successful businesses.

To read our full response click here

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