Rural broadband – why does it matter?

posted by CRC | 1 February 2011 at 1:28 pm | 1 comment | from the category: News

Computer mouse and keyboardThe CRC has produced a short note explaining the importance of broadband to rural communities and the benefits it brings to businesses, public service delivery and community cohesion.

We hope this note will be a useful tool to communities in making the argument for high quality broadband access regardless of their location.

Download ‘Rural broadband – why does it matter?’

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  1. cyberdoyle says:

    Great little report, and very useful for communities. Well done.
    One thing that needs adding so am putting it in this comment section…
    Councils need to be aware that any public money for rural broadband is in danger of being lost in tenders. There is a great danger for policy makers to fall for the hype of large telcos. It is not their fault, they just don’t know enough about the nature of telecommunications. NGA can never be delivered over distance by copper. The only way to bring real connectivity to rural people is by fibre. Funding must not go to telcos to improve connections to those who already have one at the expense of those who do not. Millions are at the wrong side of the digital divide, and funding the telcos to put cabinets in market towns will make the divide even bigger, it won’t help the rural population.
    The cabinets will deliver 5 meg to the edges, and their reach is effectively only 300 metres.
    Anyone in charge of making policy decisions should check with and read some of the posts there.
    Start at the notspots, get fibre to them, and the infill will be taken care of by market forces.
    Then we will have a real digitalbritain, and can lead the digital revolution, instead of being tied to copper phone lines for another decade and ending up in the global slow lane.