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2010 National curriculum assessments review outcomes

04 November 2010


Today, the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency (QCDA) published the provisional report on 2010 national curriculum assessments review outcomes. The report contains figures for the number of reviews requested by subject and the number of changes to levels.

For key stage 2 national curriculum tests in English and mathematics:

  • 794,223 pupil test scripts were marked in 2010.
  • Review applications were made for a total of 23,438 pupil test scripts, which represents 3.0% of the total number of scripts marked.
  • A total of 2,293 pupil test scripts received an overall subject level change (to a higher or lower level) as a result of the review request, representing a total of 0.3% of the total number of test scripts marked.

The review services offered in 2010 differed to those offered in 2009, making year-on-year comparisons very difficult.

QCDA provides schools with the opportunity to request a review of marking if they believe the mark scheme has been misapplied, resulting in a pupil not being awarded the correct level in accordance with the published mark scheme.

Mick Walker, director of education for QCDA, explains: "Marking reviews allow us to be sure that all scripts have been accurately marked and give us confidence in the system. If a school requests a review, we ask one of our most experienced markers to review the whole script against the mark scheme.

"It is also worth noting that 100% of scripts were returned to schools on time this year. We would like to thank all our markers, mostly current or retired teachers, who dedicated a great deal of time to ensuring this was a fair, consistent and accurate process."

The report 2010 national curriculum assessments review outcomes (provisional) can be found on the QCDA website at www.qcda.gov.uk/tests.

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