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Building Policy & Legislation

There are a number of pieces of policy and legislation that apply to the building control regime. This section focuses on the most relevant ones although, as there may well be others relevant to your situation, you are advised to take further advice to ensure you are fully informed.

An overview of the current legislation is provided here. Further information on past legislation for Building Regulations is also available.

Policy Implementation

The consideration and possible introduction of new or amended Building Regulations or supporting guidance involves a number of key stages and documents.

Current Legislation

There are a number of pieces of legislation that relate to the standards of premises or construction and, depending on the type of premises and whether any building work is being carried one or more could apply at any given time.

Previous Legislation

View a list of preceding Building Regulation amendments.

Housing Warranties

There are currently three warranty schemes approved for the purpose of the Warranty Link Rule.

CE Marking - Construction Products Regulation

There are rules governing products used in construction, brought about by the European Construction Products Directive (CPD) and implemented in the UK through the Construction Products Regulations in 1991.