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Planning Applications

The Planning Portal is the Government’s official planning website. Every local authority in England and Wales accepts planning applications via the Planning Portal. In this section you can make an application for a range of consents, learn how to apply and view and continue with applications you have already started. 

If you are a local planning authority you can search for applications or administer your planning attachment options here.

Make an application

Make an application for a range of consents including full planning permission, lawful development certificates, listed building and conservation area consent

Learn how to Apply

Details of how to go about making an application including information on types of permission, time scales, cost and what you need to submit

The decision-making process

In this section you will learn how and when planning applications are decided and the options you have once a decision has been made.

The benefits of buying plans through the Planning Portal

The most common reason for planning applications being rejected by councils is that the accompanying plans are invalid. Buying your plans from one of our four accredited suppliers means you are one step closer to submitting a valid application.