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Useful Tools

Plan & Map Creator

Every planning application needs a plan showing the location and boundaries of the site you are planning to work on.

The Planning Portal's accredited partners can ensure that you meet Local Authority requirements, whether you are a planning professional or first-time applicant.

Create and buy a plan.

Fee Calculator

The fee calculator helps you work out the cost of any particular planning application (ranging from a simple householder development to large scale schemes such as housing schemes or industrial estates) by asking a series of questions.

The fee calculator is a 'standalone' tool and does not have to be used with any other Planning Portal service.

Calculate a fee for an application in England.

Calculate a fee for an application in Wales.

If you do not wish to use the fee calculator, you can:

Carbon Calculator

Electronic planning is good for the environment because it reduces paper use, postage and related transport costs.  Use our carbon calculator to find out:

  • How much carbon the planning application process creates
  • How much carbon your applications create
  • How much you already save by using electronic processes
  • How much more you could save by adopting a fully electronic process

You can also compare your results with:

  • A fully paper-based process
  • A fully electronic process
  • The average of all Portal users
  • Carbon footprint in terms of car journeys.

Launch the Carbon Calculator

How can I reduce my carbon footprint even more?

Following these steps will not only reduce your carbon footprint but will save you money too.


  • Submit all planning applications electronically
  • Avoid printing draft copies
  • Archive electronically
  • If you have to use paper - print double-sided and use paper that has been recycled.


  • Encourage all applicants to submit online wherever possible
  • Avoid printing applications to read
  • Process applications electronically
  • Maintain electronic case files available on your website for consultees and members of the public to view
  • Archive electronically
  • Where possible, use only email communication
  • Where paper has to be used print double-sided and use paper that has been recycled.

Volume Calculator

Calculate the area and volume of your works to see if planning permission is required

It is vital to know the volume of a proposed development if you are planning a new building or extending an existing one.

Most buildings and extensions have sloping roofs - making the calculation of volume a tricky task. It is important to get it right if you are deciding whether planning permission will be needed.

This tool lets you calculate the volume of a number of different kinds of building or extension.

Open the volume calculator