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Welcome to the Science Advisory Council  Website

The Science Advisory Council (SAC) to Defra was established in February 2004 to provide Defra with expert, independent and published advice on science policy and strategy. The SAC communicates this advice to Professor Bob Watson, the Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA), and through the CSA to Ministers.  

This website will give you the opportunity to learn about the Council, its members and the various areas of work it is involved with.

Changes to the Science Advisory Council (SAC)

Changes to the Science Advisory Council (SAC) for Defra have been announced to help the department achieve better and more co-ordinated scientific advice. 

The SAC will be re-modelled based on the recommendations of the independent report.  Although it will remain a Non Departmental Public Body, it will have a strengthened role in supporting the Chief Scientific Adviser in the oversight of all Defra expert scientific committees.