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Making a claim

Please read the Forms and Guidance page before completing a claim form.

New Claimants in Northern Ireland should apply to the Industrial Tribunals and Fair Employment Tribunal, Northern Ireland.

If you are, or were, an employee of the respondent

You need to tell us whether your claim relates to your dismissal. If you are or were an employee of the respondent and your claim or part of it does not relate to you being dismissed.

You need to tell us:

How soon must I make my claim to an Employment Tribunal?

Most claims to Employment Tribunals must be made within very strict time limits. In most cases the tribunal must receive your claim within three months. In dismissal cases the three month period begins from the date your employment ended: in discrimination cases or complaints relating to non-payment of wages or holiday pay the three month period begins when the matter you are complaining about happened. There are special rules for equal pay and redundancy payment claims.

For example
If it happened on 1 March, the tribunal must receive your claim on or before 31 May.
If it happened on 5 March, the tribunal must receive your claim on or before 4 June.

If we receive your claim outside the time limit, the tribunal will only be able to consider it in fairly restricted circumstances which relate to your reasons for not bringing the claim in time. There is no general discretion to extend time.

In general to claim unfair dismissal you must have worked continuously for the respondent for not less than one year. However, in certain cases relating to unfair dismissal it may not be necessary to have worked for the respondent for one year, for example if the reason for your dismissal was one of the following:

Acceptable claims

If your claim is accepted, the Tribunal office will send you a letter to confirm this together with a booklet which will tell you what the next steps are. At the same time we will send the respondent a copy of your claim form together with a form for their response.

If no response is received within 28 days, the Tribunal may consider issuing a default judgment. A default judgment allows a Tribunal chairman to give a decision about the claim without the claimant having to go to a hearing.

Having received and accepted the claim, we will give it a case number. You should quote your case number if you contact a tribunal office either by phone or in writing.

In most cases, we also send a copy of your claim to ACAS. This is the independent conciliation service. They will try to help you and the respondent reach an agreed settlement if that is what you both wish to do.

Unacceptable claims

Your claim will not be accepted if:

We will return your form to you with a letter telling you the reason why your claim has not been accepted and what action you should take.

Please follow link below for claim and response forms