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Milk Quotas

Milk Churns

Welcome to the scheme information page for Milk Quotas.

Milk Quotas were introduced by the EU as a way of limiting milk production across member states. Quota is defined as the amount of milk in litres that a quota holder can deliver or sell direct before being liable for a levy. The fat content of the milk is taken into account when calculating the amount delivered.

There are over 16,000 registered quota holders in the UK who hold either one or two types of quota. These are as follows:

  • Direct sales quota - for producers who sell dairy products direct to the public;
  • Wholesale quota - for producers who sell their milk to other purchasers.

Milk producers who sell their milk wholesale may only sell to an approved milk purchaser. Those who hold wholesale quota must register their quota with an approved purchaser.

The Rural Payments Agency administers the milk quotas scheme throughout the United Kingdom. We are responsible for:

  • maintaining the register of all milk quota holders,
  • approving wholesale purchasers,
  • dealing with applications to register quota transfers, leases or conversions within the UK, and confirming changes to the producers and purchasers involved,
  • calculating the levy that direct sellers and purchasers are liable to pay,
  • sending invoices to direct sellers and purchasers for levies,
  • collecting levies and paying them to the European Commission,
  • confiscating and restoring quota.

Whether you are a milk purchaser or producer it is important that you familiarise yourself with the rules governing milk quotas. These are available on this website. If however you still have questions that need to be answered please contact us using the information provided under the Contacts link.

Page published: 25 November 2009

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