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Regional improvement and efficiency partnerships RIEPs

RIEPs – regional improvement and efficiency partnerships – play a key role in supporting councils.

The nine RIEPs were created in April 2008 with a three-year funding package of £185 million from Communities and Local Government; the RIEPs have now received their year 3 funding of £67.5 million for 2010/11.

 RIEPs year three funding announced

The RIEPs harness the expertise of councils to add new capacity to local government in order to accelerate the drive for greater improvement and efficiency. They build on the successful foundations laid by the former Regional Improvement Partnerships and Regional Centres of Excellence.

Put simply, they help councils and their partners to deliver better services, set through local area agreements (LAAs), by supporting them in their efforts to become more efficient, innovative and engaged with citizens. 

The RIEPs will continue to have a key role in helping local authorities respond to local needs in the economic downturn, in accelerating the drive for further efficiencies and in supporting and sharing the learning from the Total Place pilots.

RIEPs: a summary of key achievements – two years on (June 2010)

This report provides a summary of the collective achievements of the nine RIEPs in their first two years. RIEPs enabled local authorities to deliver £321 million of efficiencies by the end of March 2010 and will deliver up to £950 million savings by March 2011. To find out more download the RIEPs report:

RIEPs: a summary of key achievements  two years on

RIEPs : efficiency casebook 2010 (February 2010)

The efficiency casebook outlines the support available to councils from the RIEPs. It gives a wide range of advice and best practice on efficiency and procurement. You can download the entire casebook or individual chapters.

Download the efficiency casebook

Page updated March 2010.

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