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Test Cases in the Senior Courts Costs Office

As at 17th June 2005

RSA Pursuit Test Cases

Judgment delivered on 27 May 2005(Chief Master Hurst) : Case Nos PTH0310421; PTH0402192; PTH0403390; PTH0401699 and PTH0404292.

Claims Direct Test Cases

Tranche 1: Whether amount payable is a premium and amount of premium recoverable.
Judgment delivered on 19 July 2002 (Chief Master Hurst)

Court of Appeal judgment delivered on 12 February 2003 [2003] EWCA Civ 136
Tranche 2: Referral fees and related issues.
Judgment delivered on 3 January 2003 (Chief Master Hurst)

TAG Test Cases

Tranche 1: Is the TAG representative the legal representative?
Judgment delivered on 27 November 2002 (Chief Master Hurst) [2003] 1 A11 ER 353

Court of Appeal judgment on 22 May 2003 (Hollins v Russell [2003] EWCA Civ 718)
Tranche 2: Compliance with CFA Regulations. Recoverability and extent of ATE premiums.
Judgment delivered on 15 May 2003 (Chief Master Hurst)
Second judgment concerning "swing premium" delivered on 30 July 2003 (Chief Master Hurst)
Tranche 3: Sufficiency of explanations of CFA terms given to intending Claimants.
Consent Order and Mediation Press Release delivered on 16 February 2004

Cases on ATE insurance premiums

Wells v Sussex Ambulance Services NHS Trust (£840 premium for UIA Ltd policy; claimant's solicitor retained on CCFA terms by UNISON) Settled on 19 April 2004 on terms not disclosed to the Court

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