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Case Summaries 2003

Notes on cases heard in the year 2003
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Higgs v Camden & Islington Health Authority
No.1 of 2003

Simon Edwards & Others v Roche Products Limited
No.2 of 2003

Lloyds TSB v Lampert
No.3 of 2003

Designer Guild Ltd v Russell Williams (Textiles) Ltd (trading as Washington DC) (No.2)
No.4 of 2003

Adrian Alan Ltd v Fuglers (a Firm)
No.5 of 2003

Hurst v Leeming
No.6 of 2003

Boyd & Hutchinson v Jennifer Joseph
No.7 of 2003 (Revised)

Crosbie v Munroe
No.8 of 2003

Dooley v Parker
No.9 of 2003

Wayne Jackson v The Lord Chancellor´s Department
No.10 of 2003

Williams v Devon County Council
No.11 of 2003

MacPherson v Bevan Ashford
No.12 of 2003

Adrian Allen Ltd v Fuglers (A Firm)
No.13 of 2003

East West Corporation v P O Nedlloyd BV
No.14 of 2003

Arrowfield Services v BP Collins
No.15 of 2003

Wagstaff v Colls
No.16 of 2003

CIBC Mellon Trust Co v Mora Hotel Corporation NV
No.17 of 2003

Erika Banchio v Lai
No.18 of 2003

Wills & Ors v The Crown Estate Commissioners
No.19 of 2003

Cantor Fitzgerald v Tradition (UK) Ltd
No.20 of 2003

Rugby Mansions Ltd v Ortwein
No.21 of 2003

Nigel Bowcott v Walding
No.22 of 2003

Valentine v Alan & Ors
No.23 of 2003

Dempsey v Johnstone
No.24 of 2003

Jemma Trust Ltd v Liptrott & Forrester
No.25 of 2003

McLean & Anor v Woolf & Ors
No.26 of 2003

Hill v Bailey
No.27 of 2003

Leigh v Michelin Tyre Plc
No.28 of 2003

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