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Case Summaries 2004

Notes on cases heard in the year 2004
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M G Young v J R Smart (Builders) Ltd
No.1 of 2004

Gillian Melvin v England Palmer (A Firm)
No.2 of 2004

Chappell v De Bora's of Exeter (A Firm)
No.3 of 2004

Lynch v Paul Davidson Taylor (A Firm)
No.4 of 2004

Bim Kemi AB v Blackburn Chemicals Ltd
No.5 of 2004

Hinde v Harbourne and Ors
No.6 of 2004

Tee-Hillman v Heppenstalls (A Firm)
No.7 of 2004

C v M
No.8 of 2004

XYZ v Schering Health Care: Oral Contraceptive Litigation
No.9 of 2004

Spencer v Wood
No.10 of 2004

Peter Stacey v Peter Val Player
No.11 of 2004

Halsey v Milton Keynes General NHS Trust and Steel v Joy and Halliday
No.12 of 2004

King v Telegraph Group Ltd
No.13 of 2004

Smiths Dock Ltd v Edwards
No.14 of 2004

The Accident Group Test Cases
No.15 of 2004

In the Matter of Burton Marsden Douglas; Marsden v Guide Dogs for the Blind Association
No.16 of 2004

Alistair McPherson v BNP Paribas (London Branch)
No.17 of 2004

Jemma Trust Co Ltd v Liptrott and Forrester (No.2)
No.18 of 2004

Aaron v Shelton
No.19 of 2004

Pearce v Ove Arup Partnership Ltd and Ors
No.20 of 2004

Alexander Smolen v Solon Co-Operative Housing Services Ltd
No. 21 of 2004

Hall Farm Merchants (Gatenby) Ltd v Department for Environmental Food and Rural Affairs
No. 22 of 2004

Wood v Worthing and Southlands Hospitals NHS Trust
No. 23 of 2004

Montlake and Ors (Trustees of 'WASPS' RFC) v Lambert Smith Hampton Group Ltd
No. 24 of 2004

Reed Executive Plc v Reed Business Information Ltd
No. 25 of 2005

Scribes West Ltd v Relsa Anstalt (No.1)
No. 26 of 2004

Flynn v Scougall
No. 27 of 2004

Gil v Baygreen Properties Ltd
No. 28 of 2004

Blackham v Entrepose (UK) Ltd
No. 29 of 2004

Gold v Mincoff Science and Gold
No. 30 of 2004

Q (Burkett) v London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
No. 31 of 2004

Fleming v Chief Constable of Sussex Police
No. 32 of 2004

Ross v Stonewood Securities Ltd
No. 33 of 2004

Gazley v Wade Newsgroup Newspapers Ltd
No. 34 of 2004

Botham and Lamb v Imran Khan
No. 35 of 2004

Re: Michaelides
No. 36 of 2004

Silvia Kundruth v Harry Kwatia and Gooding
No. 37 of 2004

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