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Costs Practitioners Group

This advisory group (formerly known as the Taxation Users Group) is run under the auspices of the Senior Courts Costs Office. Two Costs Judges are members, one of whom acts as Chairman. The current Chairman is Master O'Hare. The Senior Costs Judge sometimes attends as does the Principal Costs Officer. The Association of District Judges, the Bar Council, The Law Society, The London Solicitors Litigation Association, The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), The Forum of Insurance Lawyers (FOIL) and the Association of Law Costs Draftsmen are all represented.

The group generally meets twice a year in the Senior Courts Costs Office, its function being to comment upon and make recommendations for the improvement of the current and evolving practice of assessment of costs. Although it is an advisory group, as it consists of representatives of all of the principal "users" it is intended to be influential and to afford a regular opportunity for informal exchanges of views on existing practice and how the same can be improved. Minutes are taken, circulated and posted on this website.

Organisations and bodies wishing to apply for membership of the Costs Practitioners Group should write to its Chairman, c/o the SCCO at any of the addresses given below. Similarly, any practitioners or litigants wishing to make any comments about the effectiveness of existing costs law and practice, or to make suggestions for improvement or further development, please contact us using one of the methods mentioned below.

Minutes of meetings

November 2010 (PDF 22KB)

March 2010 (PDF 22KB)

October 2009 (PDF 30KB)

March 2009 (PDF 26.3KB)

October 2008 (PDF 38KB)

March 2008 (PDF 40KB)

October 2007 (PDF 40KB)

March 2007 (PDF 47KB)

October 2006 (PDF 30KB)

Note: if you cannot open the above PDF you may need Adobe Acrobat Reader which is a free download available from the Adobe website .

Contact us

By email:
to the SCCO Deputy Court Manager
whose email address is

By post:
Master O'Hare
CPG Chairman
Senior Courts Costs Office
Clifford's Inn London

By document exchange:
Master O'Hare
CPG Chairman
Senior Courts Costs Office

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