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Case Summaries 2002

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Snowden v Ministry of Defence
No1. of 2002

Slatter v Ronaldsons (A Firm)
No.2 of 2002

Walbrook Properties Ltd v Severn Trent Water Ltd & Ors
No.3 of 2002

Summit Property Ltd v Pitmans (A Firm)
No.4 of 2002

Victor Kiam v MGN Ltd
No.5 of 2002

Pine v The Law Society
No.6 of 2002

Susan Dunnett v Railtrack Plc
No.7 of 2002

Inline Logistics Ltd v UCI Logistics Ltd
No.8 of 2002

Anita Giambrone & Ors v JMC Holidays
No.9 of 2002

J M Ryan v Tretol Group Ltd & Ors
No.10 of 2002

Bufton v Hill
No.11 of 2002

Wulfsohn v Legal Services Commission
No.12 of 2002

United Building and Plumbing Contractors v Kaila
No.13 of 2002

Lord Chancellors Department v Singh (R v Hameed)
No.14 of 2002

McIlwraith v McIlwraith & Stephens & Bolton
No.15 of 2002

Halloran v Delaney
No.16 of 2002

Booth v Britannia Hotels Ltd
No.17 of 2002

Fox v Graham Group Plc
No.18 of 2002

Alliss v Legal Services Commission
No.19 of 2002

Mary Hall v Rover Financial Services Ltd (GB) Trading as Land Rover Financial Services
No.20 of 2002

Ralph Hulme Gary (A Firm) v Gwillim
No.21 of 2002

Powell v Herefordshire Health Authority
No.22 of 2002

Haworth v Green
No.23 of 2002

Burstein v Times Newspapers Ltd
No.24 of 2002

Giambrone v JMC Holidays Ltd (No.2)
No.25 of 2002

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