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Practice Directions by Court

Consolidated Criminal Practice Directions Administrative Court Admiralty Court Chancery Division Commercial Court Companies Court County Courts Court of Appeal - Civil Division Court of Appeal - Criminal Division Court of Protection Crown Court Family Division Magistrates' Courts National Taxing Team. Patents Court Queen's Bench Division Senior Court Costs Office Technology and Construction Court HMCS Wales

Family Division Practice Directions

13 December 2010
Basic Guidance to Good Practice in Care Proceedings across London

12 July 2010
Practice Guidance: McKenzie Friends (Civil and Family Courts)

26 March 2010
Practice Direction Public Law Proceedings Guide to Case Management: April 2010 (PDF 93.78Kb)

This case management guidance comes into effect on 6 April 2010.  It is published jointly by the President of the Family Division, and the Ministry of Justice, and replaces the Public Law Outline Practice Direction of April 2008.

Associated forms:

C1 Application for an order (PDF 270KB)

C110 Application under the Children Act 1989 for a care or supervision order (PDF 377KB)

PLO8 Standard Directions on Issue (Word 75KB)

PLO9 Standard Directions at First Appointment (Word 95KB)

5 August 2009
Appeals (Word 0.00Kb)

1 August 2009
Adoptions - Forms A58, A60 and A61 (Word 0.00Kb)

A58 Adoption application
A58 Notes
A60 - Application for an adoption order (excluding a Convention adoption order) where the child is habitually resident outside the British Islands and is brought into the United Kingdom for the purposes of adoption A69 notes
A61- Application for an order for parental responsibility prior to adoption abroad
A61 notes

The new forms will be available from HMCS FormFinder from 1 September.

18 June 2009
Principal Registry of the Family Division: Requests to inspect files following Pronouncements of Decrees Nisi  (Word 0.00Kb)

22 January 2009
Midlands Region Protocol: What the Family Courts expect from parents (PDF 0.00Kb)

14 January 2009
Revised Practice Direction: Residence and Contact orders: Domestic Violence and Harm ( 50.73Kb)

6 November 2008
Applications in the magistrates' court to enforce contact orders (PDF 0.00Kb)
This Practice Direction governs applications to enforce contact orders made in the magistrates' courts, and is intended to ensure they are considered by family proceedings courts. It comes into force on 8 December 2008.

Enforcement of Children Act 1989 contact orders: disclosure of information to officers of the National Probation Service  (PDF 0.00Kb)
This Practice Direction applies to proceedings in the magistrates' court and comes into force on 8 December 2008.

14 October 2008
President's Guidance - McKenzie friends

9 May 2008
Domestic violence and harm (PDF 0.00Kb)

Please also see the Revised Practice Direction of 14 January 2009 (PDF 50.73Kb)

13 February 2008
Experts in family proceedings relating to children (PDF 0.00Kb)

13 February 2008
Public Law Outline

Practice Direction Guide to Case Management in Public Law Proceedings (April 2008)

This guidance is designed to promote better co-operation between all parties involved in care and supervision cases and is published by the Ministry of Justice and Judicial Communications Office.

3 September 2007
Practice Direction Family Assistance Orders Consultation (Word 0.00Kb)

3 September 2007
Practice Direction Children Act 1989 Risk Assessments under Section 16A  (Word 0.00Kb)

27 July 2006
Family Proceedings : Court Bundles (Universal Practice To Be Applied In All Courts Other Than The Family Proceedings Court) (PDF 0.00Kb)

13 May 2005
Guidance from the President’s Office- McKenzie Friends  (PDF 0.00Kb)

13 May 2005
Practice Note - Applications for Reporting Restriction Orders ( 0.00Kb)

13 May 2005
Practice Directions - Applications for Reporting Restriction Orders ( 0.00Kb)

Reporting Restriction Application Form (Word 0.00Kb)

13 May 2005
Gender Recognition Act 2004 - Practice Directions (PDF 0.00Kb)

01 June 2004
President’s Direction on Communicating with the Home Office

01 June 2004
President’s Direction on Communication with the Passport Service

22 April 2004
President's Direction on Representation of Children in Family Proceedings

22 April 2004
CAFCASS Practice Note

22 March 2004
District Judge's Direction: Children-conciliation
(12 March 2004)

11 March 2004
Family Proceedings (Allocation to Judiciary ) (Amendment) Directions 2002
(30 August 2002)

11 March 2004
Family Proceedings (Allocation to Judiciary) (Amendment) Directions 2003
(23 May 2003)

11 March 2004
President’s Direction on the Human Rights Act 1998
(24 July 2000)

11 March 2004
President's Direction on Costs (Civil Procedure Rules 1998)
(24 July 2000)

24 November 2003
President’s Direction on Judicial Continuity - Cases proceeding in the Royal Courts of Justice
(22 March 2002)

24 November 2003
President’s Direction on Declaratory Proceedings concerning Incapacitated Adults - Medical and Welfare Decisions
(14 December 2001)

15 May 2003
President's Direction on HIV testing of children

16 January 2002
Neutral Citations

10 April 2001
Citation of Authorities
Applies to all courts except criminal courts.

16 March 2001
President's Direction on (1) Committal Applications, and (2) Proceedings in which a committal order may be made

25 May 2000
Ancillary Relief Procedure

25 May 2000
Pre Application Protocol

30 December 1999
Automatic stay after 25 April 2000

14 January 1999
References to the European Court of Justice by the Court of Appeal and the High Court under Article 177 of the EC Treaty

25 November 1998
Court dress (No 3)

25 November 1998
Further statement to that made on the 22nd April 1998

22 April 1998
Royal Courts of Justice: Judgments

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