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Miscellaneous Reports

Information about HMCS, including Freedom of Information, The Freedom of Information Act and the Welsh Language Scheme.

31 January 2011
HMCS Staff Engagement Survey Highlight Report 2010

HMCS participated in the second Civil Service People Survey in October 2010.  Our Employee Engagement Survey Index, which is a measure of how engaged people are with their work, was 52%, which is an increase of 1% on last year. This is above the benchmark for other Civil Service organisations of a similar size.

30 July 2010
Evaluation of the Lean Programme in HMCS (PDF 881.40Kb)

HMCS Customer-Facing Standards of Customer Service (PDF 0.00Kb)

HMCS Welsh Language Scheme (PDF 706.65Kb)

HMCS First Annual Report to Welsh Language Board (PDF 0.00Kb)

Multi faith chaplaincy (PDF 0.00Kb)

HMCS Promotional Leaflet - English (PDF 0.00Kb)

HMCS Promotional Leaflet - Welsh (PDF 0.00Kb)

Freedom of Information

Administrative Court

Admiralty Court and Commercial Court

Making it count in court

Making It Count In Court provides a framework to support effective and efficient practice in the youth court within the context of the wider youth justice system, focusing on the work of the YOT in court.

For copies of the HMCS Biennial Conservation Report please contact Richard Fox or Jon Wallsgrove.
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