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Operation Mincemeat

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This article was originally one of a set of memoranda available only on paper in The National Archives' reading rooms. It acted as a signpost to records of interest on a particular historical subject. It may have been compiled many years ago and could be out of date. Please feel free to edit this page to improve the information

This memorandum was originally written in February 1993

Deception plan to deceive the Germans as to the target of Operation 'Husky' (the invasion of Sicily, 10 July 1943). Fully described in The Man Who Never Was and Beyond Top Secret U (published Peter Davies, London 1977), both by Ewen Montagu.

CAB 79/60 Folios 138, 162, 211, 224, 233, October 1943. Approved of the plan by the Chiefs of Staff Committee and subsequently by the PM.
WO 204/1561 Brief mention only in the April 1943 draft of the plan "Barclay", the strategic deception plan for the whole Mediterranean area which included the provision of cover for Operation "Husky".
WO 208/3163 German reaction to Operation Mincemeat assessed from a captured enemy document.
WO 106/5921 Operation Mincemeat: copies of documents made available to press, February - April 1943.
ADM 1/25230 Major W Martin RM: casualty details, correspondence with Imperial War Graves Commission and press cuttings, 1943-1955.
No contemporary material detailing the plan itself and/or arrangements for its implementation found despite an extensive search, November 1983.
CAB 119/66 Joint Planning Staff files.
CAB 119/67 Strategic Deception: cover plans for operations, 1942-1944 both closed for 50 years.
CAB 154/112 MINCEMEAT: report by Col Montagu, containing the name of the 'Man Who Never Was' (Glyndwr Michael)
CAB 154/67 Inter-Services Security Board (ISSB) correspondence and papers April 1943 - July 1945

CAB 21/3943, Cabinet Office registered files, leakage of information linked to Operation Heartbreak linked with Mincemeat

DEFE 28/22, DEFE 28/23 MOD Directorate of Forward Plans, registered files - Operations : MINCEMEAT

ADM 223/794 , Naval Intelligence Divison and Operatonal Intelligence Centre, Intelligence Reports and Papers, Vol 3 - Naval Deception (see HMS Dasher )