Assessment Tool

Welcome to the new assessment tool login page.

This assessment tool is a key element of the Standard and is designed to enable schools to benchmark their own performance against a nationally recognised statement of good practices as well as identify areas for development.

For each element of the Standard, this assessment tool shows the evidence that governors and senior managers in schools should expect to see to confirm compliance with the Standard. It recognises that those undertaking the assessment will know from their own direct experience whether a number of the required components are in place.

The assessment will normally be completed by a senior manager, but could also be completed by other staff and/or governors (separately at first, but ultimately together) so a group consensus view can be arrived at later.

All schools that are being re-assessed should start afresh with their FMSiS assessment form and not overwrite any previous records.

Schools can request copies of their previously completed forms from their LA, if required.