Assessment Tool

This assessment tool is a key element of the Standard and is designed to enable schools to benchmark their own performance against a nationally recognised statement of good practices as well as identify areas for development.

For each element of the Standard, this assessment tool shows the evidence that governors and senior managers in schools should expect to see to confirm compliance with the Standard. It recognises that those undertaking the assessment will know from their own direct experience whether a number of the required components are in place. Thus, the questions are often phrased so that they require a personal view of the school's financial management arrangements and include the word "you".

The assessment will normally be completed by a number of governors and senior managers (separately at first, but ultimately together) so that a group consensus view can be arrived at later.

An archives tab button facility has been added, so that LAs can archive any schools completed assessment by selecting the appropriate date from a drop-down menu.

A certificate template facility has been added, as LAs are no longer required to obtain FMSiS certificates from the DCSF. Instead, the template should be downloaded for completion and the certificate issued to schools achieving the Standard through external assessment.

A facility has been added for LAs to print / save each assessment form in landscape orientation in Word or Excel rather than download the entire data. The submission date should be clicked on to be able to view and save the assessment.


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