Accessibility statement

The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games are for everyone, everywhere, regardless of ability, age, language or background. We have made every effort ensure that our website is accessible to the following groups:

  • People with visual impairments,
  • People with cognitive difficulties,
  • People with impaired motor functions,
  • People with hearing impairments,
  • People who are new to using websites,
  • People who have difficulty reading English.

This website meets AA guidelines as specified in WCAG 1.0 and exceeds wherever possible these guidelines.

To achieve these goals we have:

  • Developed all webpages using easily readable fonts that are easily distinguished from the background;
  • Provided functionality that allows users to select their preferred font size;
  • Provided alternative colour font and background colours for users to select;
  • Designed each page to ensure that users who do not use Cascading Style Sheets are able to access the website in full and use all functionality;
  • Ensure that simple easy to understand English is used throughout the site;
  • Ensure that the website is compatible with screen reading software and that all non text content has meaningful alternative text;
  • Ensure that the website is simple to navigate and intuitive to use;
  • Provide navigational short cuts where compatible with screen readers;
  • Provide detailed and easily found instructions on how to use all parts of the official London 2012 online shop.

We are committed to ensuring that all users of the London 2012 online shop have a simple and enjoyable experience. We welcome all feedback from users of this website so we can provide the best service possible to all of our customers. Please visit our
Contact us page for full details on how you can provide feedback.

Accesskeys guide

If you're a keyboard only user, the shop page you're on might refresh when selecting a product, if so you can use the skip link access key (alt+s) to get back to the main part of the page without having to tab back through the navigation menus.

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