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Functional skills in the Framework for secondary mathematics

The Framework for secondary mathematics addresses the mathematics programmes of study, and therefore embeds functional skills in its structure and content at Level 1 in Key Stage 3 and Level 2 at Key Stage 4. The flexibility of the Framework structure, with strands of progression across the age range, ensures that learners are not restricted in their achievement only to Level 1 in Key Stage 3 and Level 2 in Key Stage 4.

In addition, the strands of progression and related objectives across the years explicitly highlight many of the core processes and concepts of functional skills, such as 'unfamiliar contexts', 'appropriate' deployment of skills, 'complex' information and, most importantly, 'applying' what has been learned.


  • oldfieldb 1.14 pm, 10th November 2008

    I was looking for information on the links between the strands and the standards for functional Skills.

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