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Introduction to the renewed secondary Frameworks

About the Frameworks

The renewed Frameworks build on the original Frameworks for teaching English, mathematics, science and ICT, which were produced in 2001 and 2002. They are based on the programmes of study for the new secondary curriculum.

The Frameworks are designed to increase pupils' access to excellent teaching and engaging, purposeful learning that will enable them to make good progress through Key Stages 3 and 4.

Each Framework identifies yearly learning objectives that provide ambition and challenge for all pupils, showing lines of progression in the subject. These will ensure full coverage of the programme of study at both Key Stages 3 and 4 and establish a minimum expectation for the progression of most pupils.

In addition to the lines of progression and the bank of learning objectives, the renewed Frameworks contain much more. They are being introduced in a phased way to allow schools and teachers to work with the resource over time in order to review, renew and revise existing schemes of work, and to develop teaching plans in line with the introduction of the new programmes of study from September 2008.

There will be three phases of development leading up to autumn 2008 when all of the materials and resources will be functional and available.

Phase 1 – spring 2008: renewed Frameworks introduced through locally-organised subject leader meetings.

Phase 2 – summer 2008: revised strands of progression in the subject, learning objectives, key links to essential subject guidance and materials to support planning, and a planning tool.

Phase 3 – autumn 2008: exemplification and case studies of effective planning using the renewed Frameworks; ideas for teaching activities and further links to a wide range of resources, including links across subjects.

The phasing will enable you to use the renewed Frameworks and associated materials as you review your current planning and begin to develop new schemes of work that reflect the new curriculum. This is about renewing and developing what you already do, rather than starting again from scratch.


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