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Help with the planning tool

Populate plans

Once you have collected (and possibly edited) your content, you can start to populate your plan.

Drag and drop clipping

By default, block dragging is enabled. This allows you to drag an entire content item (clipping) from your collected content bucket to your plan. Before you drag any content into your plan, place your cursor (by clicking) at the point in your plan where you want the content to be copied to. Left click on the clipping and drag it to the plan. It will automatically drop into where your cursor is positioned.

Drag and drop selection

If you disable block dragging, you can select all or part of your clipping with your mouse in the normal way and drag it into your plan at the cursor position. You can repeat the process as many times as necessary to construct your plan.

Edit your plan

You can edit your plan directly within the Plan area, as you would in any word processing program.

Save your plan in the planning tool

To avoid the frustration of losing your work while working on a plan, it is important to save it regularly within the planning tool by clicking on the 'Save in planning tool only' icon. This is the icon that looks like the planning tool icon – it is the third icon from the left.

Provide a name for your plan and confirm your actions when prompted. Once saved, your plan is available from the Welcome page in the 'Resume a previously saved plan' list. Each time you save your plan you will be prompted for a plan name. Using the same name will overwrite the current saved version with your recent changes.


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