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Improving Schools Programme (ISP) Strengthening governance: knowing your school

Publication date:
Mar 2009
Governor, Local authority staff, SIP (School Improvement Partner) manager
Guidance, Leadership, School improvement, Governance


This publication is available as a PDF file (281 KB).

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The purpose of this leaflet is to help governors in their role as critical friends, supporting the work of the school. It suggests ways in which governors can find out about the progress children are making in school and also offer an element of challenge through their monitoring and evaluation of this progress.

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  • Sandy.Beacock 5.54 pm, 2nd September 2009

    This is a really good leaflet, so I tried to order enough for the governors of all our ISP schools. Can't have them. Schools can't order them either. The main part is a colour A3 spread diagram. Many schools - and our LA centre - do not have A3 colour printing or copying facilities and it doesn't work in A4 [too small to read]. So a useful resource will not get the disemination it deserves because of lack of forsight. This happens over and over again and is extremely frustrating. Suggestions welcome, a change in the system well overdue. We are being asked to work with our hands tied behind our backs.

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