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English learning objectives

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The Framework for secondary English: overview and learning objectives (387.93 KB)

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Speaking and listening

Pupils will explore, develop and respond to a range of skills and strategies, in a variety of contexts, adapting language according to task, audience and purpose.

1 Listening and responding


2 Speaking and presenting


3 Group discussion and interaction


4 Drama, role-play and performance



Pupils will engage with, and respond to, a rich variety of print, electronic and multi-modal texts, developing analysis and awareness of the forms and purposes of writing, and the contexts and cultures within which they were written.

5 Reading for meaning: understanding and responding to print, electronic and multi-modal texts


6 Understanding the author's craft



Pupils will write a wide range of texts on paper and on screen for different purposes and audiences, adapting features and techniques to create a range of effects and impact.

7 Composition: generating ideas, planning and drafting


8 Composition: shaping and constructing language for expression and effect


9 Conventions: drawing on conventions and structures



Pupils will explore the significance of English and the variations in its use and development, and comment on how language is used across a variety of contexts and situations.

10 Exploring and analysing language


Step 3.