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Communication channels

Telephone and callback


Calls from a landline are free so they won't show on a phone bill. Calls from a mobile are charged but if you ring us on your mobile - we will call you back.

If you get in touch with a Connexions Direct adviser by mobile phone and you would like the contact details of your nearest Connexions service, our advisers can send you a free SMS text message containing the contact details of your local provider.

Call Connexions Direct on 080 800 13 2 19 now or click through to our callback form.

You don't have to give your name or personal details if you don't want to. Your information will not be shared outside Connexions Direct unless we think you or another young person are in danger or at risk. If we think you are in danger or at risk we will tell you and offer lots of support. If you agree, we will share your information with specialist organisations who can help you further.

Advisers are here between 8am and 2am. Talk to us in confidence >>

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