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Progression case study: Improving the use of data to set targets for low attaining pupils

  • Date: December 2010
  • Programme: SEN progression materials
  • Topic/theme: Progression materials deep dive into a primary school
  • Number in series: 4
  • Local authority: Derby City Local Authority
  • Phase: Primary


The primary school involved had significantly lower than the national average for children identified as having special educational needs (SEN). Contextual value added (CVA) was lower than expected for Year 6 2009 cohort.

The school began to ask the questions:

  • Are we identifying pupils with SEN early enough or at all?
  • Are our assessment judgements consistent?
  • Are we target setting for all of our children and are those targets ambitious and challenging?

The offer to be a pilot school to trial the Progression materials for the city was accepted as part of the School Improvement Programme.


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