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Progression booklet 2010–11

Publication date:
Dec 2010


This publication is available as a PDF file (1.1 MB).

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The updated Progression booklet provides some key messages and principles, a summary of the 2009 national P scales information and benchmarked P scales and National Curriculum test and teacher assessment data. These will support schools, their SIPs and LAs to evaluate the attainment and progress of low attaining pupils with special educational needs and disabilities.

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  • rshakey 11.57 am, 30th January 2011

    Some useful information here, but when will it be updated to actualy include 2010 data? At the moment, the data charts all use 2009 data.

    • The National Strategies 12.30 pm, 31st January 2011

      Hello and thank you for your question.

      In responding to your question, I'm going to re-direct you to another page which deals with similar queries relating to the 2010-11 data:


      If you still need additional information, please can you contact our customer services team as they can correspond with you directly. You can email them at enquiries@nationalstrategies.co.uk or use any of the other options listed under Contact which you can find in the footer of every page.

      Kind regards

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