Energy use

In line with the MCA Sustainable Development Action Plan the Agency is fully committed to managing and reducing its energy consumption across its estate.

During 2009-10 Automated Meter Reading Equipment (AMR) has been installed at most sites allowing for the first time full visibility of our electricity usage.

Future initiatives are also planned for Gas and Water consumption.

Moving forward this will allow us to benchmark our properties in terms of category and geographic location and where problems and issues are identified Regional Business Managers and Property Managers will be required to put in place preventative actions to reduce excessive energy consumption and reduce waste.

We will be publishing consumption information relating to each Regional area as well as HQ and the Training Centre.

The latest information relating to consumption can be accessed here.

It should be noted that not all properties have AMR meters fitted, however as these are fitted we will reflect this information within the reporting.

10 % Carbon Reduction

There is an immediate 10% Reduction in Carbon target across all Central Government Departments, and, as an Executive Agency of DfT we have been tasked with developing an Action Plan which includes low cost, quick to implement and sustainable measures which will contribute towards the overall departmental commitments.

The target itself was published within the Coalition Programme for Government and was re-enforced by the Prime Minister during a visit to the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) on 14 May 2010 and will therefore run from this date until 13 May 2011

The MCA Carbon Reduction Plan for 2010-2011 can be accessed by clicking here.

To view the reports on energy consumption from our parent department (DfT), click here.