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Local authorities

Becta provides advice and guidance to local authorities to support and encourage schools to improve learning with ICT. We do this by providing information and tools for whole school improvement and best value procurement.

Self-review framework

The self-review framework offers schools a route for assessing and improving their use of ICT. The framework is free to use through an online tool and is linked to the national standards for ICT.


Featured articles

Local Authority Self-review framework

Becta has developed a Local Authority Self-review framework to support local authority teams on using technology effectively.

What is the school self-review framework?

How our free online tool can help schools to review their use of ICT.

Next Generation Learning Charter

We are offering schools the opportunity to voice a public commitment to improving their use of ICT.


Recent publications

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"The guideline documents produced by Becta have already proved to be extremely useful and were pivotal in obtaining the justification for a much more structured approach within the school."

Posted 11 March 2009 in the Data security community.

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