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Robust evidence is vital in informing the development of strategy and policy that will improve outcomes for learners and the system as a whole. We develop and disseminate robust evidence on the impact of ICT on education.

Reports and publications

Given the Government's continuing investment in ICT in education, the importance of rooting policy and practice in a secure evidential base continues to grow.

This section contains publications from desk-based research, fieldwork and other research activities undertaken or managed by Becta. There are also a number of reports published by Becta on behalf of other organisations.

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Assessing practitioner e-maturity: Developing a benchmarking tool to measure ICT capability in FE
Report on the Becta study on teaching staff in FE institutions in England and four European countries. ...

Digital interventions for dyscalculia and low numeracy
The project set out to personalise the teaching of basic numeracy by developing adaptive digital interventions ...

Developing enquiry skills across the curriculum, developing an 'Enquirer's toolkit' to use with mobile phones.
The aim was to harness the technology already used by the students at two schools. ...

Understanding the Impact of Technology: Learner and School level factors
Year published - 2010
This research builds on that of Impact 2007 ...

The Computers for Pupils Evaluation
Year published - 2010
The CfP was a targeted programme that provided funding through schools for Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils ...

Home Access pilot progress report 2009
Year published - 2009
Becta has spent the last 12 months planning for the national delivery of the Home Access programme ...

Narrowing the Gap research
Year published - 2009
An exploration of the ways technology can support approaches to narrowing the gap ...

Harnessing Technology strategy: Celebrating outstanding teachers
This report summarises the project undertaken on how expert practitioners use ICT in teaching. ...

Continuing Professional Development in ICT for teachers: A literature review
A qualitative review of the literature relating to ICT CPD. ...

Continuing Professional Development in ICT for teachers
A study of Continuing Professional Development in Information and Communications Technology for teachers. ...

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